The Latest Salesforce Trends You Don’t Want to Overlook

How can artificial intelligence (AI) and online shopping combine to create the perfect storm to promote your company and gain new customers while keeping current ones? Salesforce is a popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It has multiple functions that impact your customer experience (CX).

What Is the Future of Salesforce?

The pandemic changed the way most companies do business. Many went to online models and stayed with them, while others are now hybrid environments, with workers remote at least part of the time. 

Implementing a cloud-based digital data management system gives you flexibility. You can scale up easily, see where customers are in the process and train your sales teams to use AI to analyze data and avoid losing top clients.

If you’re already using Salesforce or planning to in the near future, here are the top trends you’ll want to be aware of and put into practice: 

1. Streamlined Communication

A couple of years ago, Salesforce acquired the company Slack. By combining the two, Salesforce streamlines communication between teams and clients. If you aren’t already utilizing Slack for project management, now may be the time to add the site to your list of musts. 

2. Enhanced DevOps

Development operations streamlines the process of building new applications. Leaders and developers can closely monitor the steps throughout the process, no matter where they reside in the world. 

Salesforce focusing on DevOps allows companies to create faster release cycles, improve security and avoid costly errors. More recent changes include work item management and GitHub integration. 

3. Better Data Integration

Expect to see better and more intuitive data integration across different CRM touchpoints. Customers don’t want to have to repeat their problem every time they talk to a new person in the company. They expect to share data once and you to use a system that lets you access notes and details without asking for the same input again.

Salesforce is aware people use their software to better manage customer touchpoints. Each year, software engineers improve processes and communication across different features. With the platform, you can sync all different forms of data, including descriptions, comments, custom fields and attachments. You’ll be able to better process both incoming and outgoing data. 

Salesforce implements an AI system called Einstein, where the computer takes a look at datasets and predicts future customer behavior. With enhanced reports, businesses can make decisions about product development, marketing and other policies to drive sales. 

4. Keep Customers

Approximately 93% of business leaders say customer retention is a top priority. One way you can keep current customers is by offering them new features and meeting their expectations. Utilizing Salesforce coding helps you develop easier and faster than ever before. Insert code, make sure everything works and get new products in the hands of your target audience faster than your competitors. 

5. Enhance Storage

You can save money and access information faster by utilizing Hyperforce to tap into the public cloud. By deciding what things should be stored where, companies can scale up and figure out how much local data storage is needed and how much they can put in the cloud. All the while, Salesforce helps businesses ensure they comply with laws and regulations. 

Right now, Hyperforce is only available in Australia and India. However, it will soon go live in the United States and Germany. 

6. Embrace Blockchain

Blockchain is the buzzword for 2023 and beyond. In addition to cryptocurrency, you can also use blockchain to build apps and work with a team of engineers to create detailed processes. Change the way your company shares information with customers, third-parties and among leaders in your own business. 

Read News Frequently

To stay on top of the upcoming Salesforce trends, pay attention to news releases on their website as well as anything trending in the news about them. Some of the trending topics will apply to your business and others won’t. Over time, you’ll figure out which features work best to grow your business and serve the needs of your customers. 

Eleanor Hecks is the editor-in-chief of Designerly Magazine. She’s also a web design consultant with a focus on customer experience and user interface. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dogs, Bear and Lucy. Connect with her about marketing, design and/or tea on LinkedIn.