DevOps as a Service (DaaS): 7 Reasons to Use DevOps as a Service Model

DevOps as a service, also known as DaaS it is a delivery model where tools are deployed on the cloud that collaborates between the IT development and operations team. It provides a lot of stackable virtual development tools that help to automate various developmental processes. DevOps as a service ensures that you use the cloud to its full potential and make sure the environment runs smoothly. Moreover, it also assures that the delivery process is very efficient. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why DevOps as a Service must be adopted to maximize the benefits of IT investment.

History of DevOps

Before DevOps, the development and operations team worked separately. The development team focused on the code development, while the operations team had the duty to ensure that the code was running. Both the teams had diverse aims and work rules. While the development team wanted it to run fast to ensure faster execution, the operations team wanted the process to be slow to ensure stability. After DevOps came into existence, this barrier was removed. It helped to automate app development and infrastructure. Additionally, it helped to measure the quality and functioning of the app development process.

 7 reasons why every IT company must use DevOps as a Service

  1. Improves Efficiency by 50%

DevOps as a service is capable of providing all the services related to the development of an application. Thus, DevOps helps to complete the development and execution process faster than the traditional development process. According to a survey of Puppet Labs, DevOps as a Service increases the production speed by 2X. Additionally, it boosts market domination and profit margin by 50%. Moreover, DevOps provides developers with expert resources and robust technology to help them improve efficiency in operations.

  1. 200 times faster production speed

DevOps helps to save crucial business time that you will lose waiting for technical support. Hence, it will boost the process. As a result, the team can release the software to the market at a faster pace. Puppet labs survey suggests that DevOps has produced 200X production deployment. It ensures that the team wastes no time in the communication process between the development and operations teams.

  1. Delivers bug-free application 168 times faster

DevOps removes all the barriers between the development and operations teams. Thus, they can work in collaboration. This helps to abolish any technical ambiguities. Ultimately, it enhances the quality of the software that the team is developing.  An article from TechRepublic suggests that apps developed with DevOps face 60X fewer failures. Moreover, the DevOps developed applications recover from failures 168X faster than the applications developed with traditional methods.

  1. Improves customer care and satisfaction by 53%

The vision of DevOps is strict and revolves around their service. Thus, the apps developed by them increases responsiveness, quality, and customer satisfaction. The collaborated effort helps to ensure that there is no compromise in the quality of the project. Moreover, both the development and operations teams can perform the testing process. As a result, the presence of any bugs, flaws, or security loopholes is almost impossible. According to CA technologies, DevOps saw a 52% increase in customer satisfaction.

DevOps orients all its tools around the desires and needs of a customer. It allows the team to develop the project with uplifted quality using DevOps as a Service.

  1. Increase recovery rate by 24X

While in operation, if a system goes down, then results could be catastrophic. All the data stored in the system might get corrupt or could be completely inaccessible by the user. It could result in huge losses for any IT company. This is where DevOps comes to the rescue. It enables the stream of continuous changes that predicts whether an incident is going to occur. Puppet labs survey suggests that DevOps has reduced failure rates by 3X and increased the recovery rates by 24X. These results are quite convincing for any IT company to implement DevOps in their projects.

  1. Better documentation and quality control

In the present era, everything is data-driven. So, there is a great need to ensure the quality of the data to prevent any production issues. DevOps uses the cloud to store and distribute the data to the development and operations team. Thus, both the teams receive data from the same source, and there is no need to worry about the data quality. So, DevOps helps to ensure better documentation and quality control throughout the project. They also remove the time that you will lose to transfer data manually from the development team to the operations team.

  1. Simplifies the complexities of Data Flow

Using DevOps, every team member can focus on their specific tools without the need to know how the whole toolchain works. For example, a software developer can run tests using the source code management tool. Moreover, an IT operations manager can make changes using the configuration management tool. It ensures that none of the teams is bothering each other in the development process while using the same environment for the work process. Thus

DevOps can simplify the complexity of data flow to a great extent.


As we all know that nothing in this world is perfect, everything has its share of flaws. DevOps is no alternative to this age-old custom. To operate DevOps, the company needs to have a fair amount of software development expertise. DevOps as a Service, values speed over security. This means that its main focus is on the speed of the project compilation, and security might get compromised. Additionally, the use of cloud services might cause some security risks.

But this can never overshadow the enormous benefits of DevOps if it is well implemented. Many worldwide IT firms have adopted DevOps as a Service. Many software giants such as Amazon, NASA, Netflix, and Adobe have already implemented DevOps in their development processes.  DevOps helps to grow a business faster and gives the customers better value for their money. If you implement DevOps, it will save you from worrying about product planning, development, testing, deployment, and delivery pipeline. Thus, DevOps as a Service will help you to flourish and expand your business.

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