How To Get A Virtual Phone Number For SMS Verification

Identity verification by receiving text codes on mobile phones is steadily becoming an integral part of online applications’ usage process. Due to this the popularity of virtual phone numbers is also extremely growing.

The reason is with their help it is possible to sign up on any platform from literally anywhere in the world. This is very convenient when there is a need to create a lot of fake accounts or simply manage an additional profile on such apps as Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others.

How Virtual Phone Numbers Work

How virtual phone numbers work

This feature doesn’t differ much from a familiar to everyone real phone number that people use to make calls or send text messages with their smartphones. It also has a dialing country code, belongs to a certain mobile carrier, and cannot be operated without a SIM card. But at the same time, virtual phone numbers can be used online.

While being connected to the special server with hardware such as a GSM modem or GoIP gateway, the entire incoming to virtual number digital data can be viewed on a computer or any other device with an internet connection. So it allows receiving SMS without owning an appropriate SIM card and even a mobile phone for this.

For example, for those who are in the US, it is possible to get Malaysian phone number and receive on it verification codes without any restrictions. It’s the same for any other country. Such a feature allows starting a business promotion in absolutely new places or at least establishing contacts with entrepreneurs from other countries. It makes a huge difference if you are trying to make an agreement with someone using a mobile phone number from his country.

Benefits Of Using VoIP Phone Numbers

As mentioned above it is obvious that VoIP phone numbers have a lot of advantages. These are the main from them that make people keep using such a feature to solve their daily tasks on the internet:

  • No need to go anywhere. Virtual phone numbers can be activated at any moment right from home using special websites. There is no need to go to the store or anywhere else like in case of buying new SIM card, and it saves a lot of time as well as money.
  • Cheap and affordable. The cost per one virtual phone number depends on its country of origin and app that it is going to be used for. But in most cases it doesn’t exceed few tens of cents, so it is affordable for everyone and much cheaper than other options.
  • Private and secure. Using virtual phone numbers doesn’t require providing any personal data which can be used against their users. Also, there are no options for tracking and making calls or sending messages to such a number. So it is safe even if leaked.

Even though, those are not all the benefits of this service. After all, virtual phone numbers can be used to create an unlimited amount of accounts on any application regardless is it a messenger, online store, or social media platform.

Platform To Get Virtual Phone Number For SMS Verification

Using virtual phone numbers from SMS-Man is a good choice when it is needed to sign up on various apps with fake or multiple accounts as well as simply protect privacy while surfing the internet. This platform for SMS activation has been doing its thing for a long time constantly increasing the quality of its service. At this moment there are all the necessary tools to use such a feature quickly and with maximum efficiency.

After passing their simple registration process users can get virtual phone numbers in over 150 different countries including even those exotic ones that are usually not available for purchase on other similar websites. The choice of applications is also great. Users can receive verification codes from all messengers, email services, and social media platforms.

During its existence, this service has attracted several thousand satisfied customers. Their reviews speak for themselves. You can start taking all the advantages of virtual phone numbers with them right from this minute.