Is CBD vaping safe in Canada?

Suppose you are in Canada and want to try vaping CBD but are worried about the consequences, put your mind at ease. You will find all answers to your queries in this article. Vaping is one of the most popular ways to take CBD. With vape pens, vaping has become a lot easier than before. It works just like an e-cigarette. CBD has become very trendy in the past few years for its many health benefits. There’s a range of new vaping products you can choose from, and if you want to buy CBD vaping products online, check out these products

What does it mean to vape CBD?

Cannabidiol is one of the many chemicals present in cannabis plants like hemp or marijuana. Generally, the hemp plant is more preferred as it contains less than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the mind-altering substance in cannabis plants. CBD does not have any psychoactive properties. Vaping CBD means inhaling the active ingredients of a cannabis plant in the form of vapor. Combustion does not take place in this process and does not create smoke. So, it is healthier than smoking. Now there are vaporizers like vape pens available to vaporize cannabis flowers or concentrates like CBD oil.

The legality of CBD in Canada: 

Cannabis or CBD vaping oils, other CBD oils, Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies, and beverages are legal in Canada now. So for best results, and safety use only Health Canada-approved products and vape pens from legal cannabis stores. Try not to buy from illicit markets and avoid THC-infused products. Online or physical unregulated CBD stores are illegal. Try to be conscious about it when you buy these products, buy from licensed vendors only. It ensures quality products, free of contaminants or any other harmful substances.

Risk Factors: 

Just because it is legal now, that does not mean it does not possess any threat. According to some reports vaping CBD can irritate the lungs, and inhaling CBD in an unregulated matter can cause severe lung problems. If the product contains pesticides, flavoring additives, and harmful substances, these can be the reason for lung injuries. Some covetous agents even stretch the THC content in the product. So, buying any CBD vaping products from the illicit market is a big no. Centers for Disease Control or CDC has found unregulated additives like vitamin E oil or tocopherol acetate in those products, which causes lung injuries.

Vaping CBD can also cause daytime tiredness or sleepiness, drowsiness, nausea, and diarrhea. Most of these symptoms are mild and go away within a few days of regular use. It can also cause red eyes and appetite changes. The side effects of CBD are lesser than some prescription drugs. CBD can interact with other medicines and increase or decrease its effectiveness. So if you have any other health issues, talk to your doctor before using CBD. But there are regulated and Health Canada-approved products that are not harmful to you. Even doctors recommend it.

What is a CBD vape pen?

A vape pen, an electronic device, heats the heat tank or cartridge and produces vapor. It is easily portable. The heat tank or cartridge contains CBD oil. There are two kinds of vape pens- rechargeable vape pens and disposable vape pens. Rechargeable vape pens come with a rechargeable battery and a tank or cartridge, which you can refill or swap. It lasts longer. Disposable vape pens come with a non-rechargeable battery and a pre-filled tank. Its battery is non-rechargeable, and the tank is non-refillable. It is more of a use-and-throw product.

There are two more categories of CBD vape pens- push-button vape pens and draw-activated vape pens. Push-button vape pens come with a button, which you need to turn on before use. You can also adjust the voltage output with this button. 

Draw-activated vape pens activate with a puff. It does not have any buttons to push. It is easy to use but offers less functionality.

How to choose a CBD vape pen?

Vaping CBD has a bioavailability of as high as 56%. When you vape CBD, it reaches your bloodstream straight through the lungs. So, many people like to vape CBD. Vape pens are the easiest and convenient way to vape CBD. There are a lot of different types of products available in the market.

  • The vape pen should have good temperature control. The vape pen should vaporize the vape oil. But at an extremely high temperature, the vape oil will burn. Combustion is not a part of vaping CBD. So, buy a vape pen with a sound temperature control system. The temperature should not exceed 160 degrees. Otherwise, if the CBD oil burns due to higher temperatures, it is of no use.
  • A refillable vape pen is a pocket-friendly choice. You can easily change the cartridge or refill the tank and use it for a long time.
  • The vape pens should have long battery life. If you are traveling with a vape pen, it can be problematic to recharge it. The battery should be fully charged within 30 minutes. Check how many times you can use it once you recharge it completely.
  • Buy the vape pen from a reliable source. The brand should be well-reputed. Do not spend your hard-earned money on illicit products. Read the reviews of the product before purchasing.
  • The vape pens come in different sizes, and you can buy the one that suits you.


Now you can easily enjoy the benefits of vaping CBD in Canada. CBD relieves chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. It also helps to deal with daily stress. CBD is a prominent health supplement. You can also try CBD edibles like CBD oils, pills, capsules, and gummies to take your daily dose of CBD. Vaping CBD can be dangerous for young, young-adult, and pregnant moms. Health Canada says that any kind of vaping has its own risk. If you are using it for the first time, start with a low dosage and increase it with time. Then, enjoy the goodness of CBD.

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