Top 9 Interests that unite us

This article discusses different common interests that unite us all. These are the core values, positive traits, and beliefs that we, as human beings, share and enjoy.  Interestingly, this topic has not received much research. Benjamin Reppersen is willing to discuss nine different cultural interests. 

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Religion / Faith

Religion is a controversial subject, but it can bring people together both in times of happiness and sadness. It can give people a sense of community. It makes people feel like they have a purpose in life. Religion provides spiritual, social, psychological, and often material support. It helps give people meaning to their lives and their role in their families and their communities.


Most people have their favourite sports they either play themselves or enjoy watching. Sport is a time of relaxation where friends and families come together and forget about their differences and daily challenges. It helps break down racial barriers. As Nelson Mandela said, “it laughs in the face of all types of discrimination”. 


People have different hobbies and spend time with others who enjoy the same hobbies. It is a time for getting to know other people with similar amusements. Often meaningful relationships are formed because people with similar hobbies bond together.

Food and Drinks

Different cultures have enjoyed different traditional food, and drinks passed down from one generation to another. Learning about other people’s eating and drinking traditions helps to understand other cultures. It has the power to break down diversity. This develops a sense of respect for each other. It helps everyone learn to live together.

Entertainment / Socialising

We, as human beings, are all social beings and need to spend time with other people. Socialising and entertaining is part of our human nature. Enjoying each other’s company is a form of relaxation. It is time to get to know other people in a different environment away from everyday life pressures. It helps us forget about our daily problems.

Gaming / Gambling

One of the significant interests that have gained popularity in recent times is gaming and gambling. One expert on this topic is Benjamin Repperson, whose ideas stem from his computer science background. Gaming and gambling is a social activity, and it can unite people from all over the world. 

Gambling and gaming partners often become excellent friends. With the popularity of online casinos and online gaming, many people have found new acquaintances from different cultures. Popular online casinos have become an interesting meeting point, especially. These people relate to each other on a completely different level and learn to accept each other’s differences.


Gardening competitions are a fun way of bringing people together. Comparing each other’s gardening accomplishments is a fun and healthy way of learning about different people. Family relationships are developed this way as parents often spend time with their children and other family members deciding on best gardening practices. This becomes a very healthy outdoor activity.

Religious Holidays

Religious holidays and family traditions are a fun way for friends and family to come together. People with similar beliefs enjoy holiday time and find it a meaningful experience. More importantly, learning about different people’s holiday traditions is essential. It helps bring different people with different beliefs closer together. It demonstrates mutual respect.

Work / Occupations

Each of us working spends most of our weekdays at work, spending time with other people. Our occupations bond us together with people who perform similar daily work activities as we do. Working together can become an excellent challenge because we are forced to get to know other people. Often these people come from different cultural backgrounds to us.  


The above article has discussed nine different interests that unit us as people. We aim to prove that even though we are all different, many of us share common interests. This helps us respect and understand each other. We learn to appreciate each other’s talents. Individually we can each make a difference; collectively, we can change the world.

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