Benefits of IPL fantasy games

There are various games that are getting popular everyday. For example, badminton, football, volleyball or basketball. But cricket is undoubtedly the most popular game across the world. Indians especially love cricket and the thrill associated with it. As many people are unable to go out and play their favorite games because of various reasons like their busy work schedules, health problems or lack of open spaces in big cities therefore they are opting for virtual games online. There are different gaming platforms online that includes different games like football, badminton and IPL fantasy games.

How to play IPL fantasy games?

IPL fantasy prediction app download is an easy process. All you have to do is just enter your mobile number and get a link to download the app. After downloading the app, you can start playing IPL fantasy games instantly. You can choose your own team that consists of 11 players. Then keep an eye on the batting and bowling order. Next, you can aim for outscoring your opponent and win the match. 

What are the benefits of IPL fantasy games?

There are various benefits of IPL fantasy games like:

  1. Having an extra ordinary experience 

Now with virtual IPL fantasy games you can experience the real thrill of playing cricket from the comfort of your home with your mobiles, smartphones or tablets.

Advanced and user-friendly apps

Nowadays there are various applications available online or on the google play store that are user friendly and has a clean interface. Therefore, it gives an amazing experience of playing games real time without any interruption and ease of navigation.

Daily earning opportunity

Another benefit of playing virtual cricket is that you can earn daily cash from it. Moreover, different platforms of virtual games give you different opportunities to earn. For example, you can earn daily or weekly cash or you can redeem your points on online stores to earn different types of goodies. Also, some online platforms give you the opportunity to earn virtual cash.

Instant cash withdrawal option

These online gaming platforms also have instant cash withdrawal options. You can link your Paytm and earn instant cash by playing IPL fantasy games. Therefore, if you are looking for extra income opportunities on your free time then this is a good way to earn money while having some fun and excitement at the same time.

Make your wishes come true

If you always loved playing cricket, especially IPL but never got a chance to play it on the field or officially now you can make your wishes come true by playing fantasy IPL online. Also many people in India has a good knowledge of cricket but never got an opportunity to share their knowledge but with the virtual gaming options people can share their knowledge online and help their partners win the matches by strategic planning.

Available for everyone

Fantasy IPL can be played by everyone regardless of their cast, creed. Nationality, gender or religion. The only criteria should be you should know how to play cricket and have some basic knowledge of playing cricket. Thus, anyone can play these virtual games freely without being judged on various grounds. Besides there is no scope for favouritism or scams happening on these online platforms.

It is a legit game

Fantasy cricket is a legit and legal game unlike gambling. As this game requires skill and strategy to play so it is gaining popularity in a country like India. Furthermore, more and more people are getting interested in IPL fantasy leagues and proves that these virtual games have a bright future in India.

Free to download applications

The best thing about these applications are that they can be downloaded free of cost from google play store or apple store. Also, many of these apps are available on the official websites and hence they are scanned by antivirus and are 100% secure and safe. So, you can download these applications without worrying about your data security and enjoy your favourite games.

Showcase your skills

You can showcase your cricketing skills to your friends and relatives by making them your competitors in the virtual IPL fantasy games. So now everyone can become a captain, batsman, bowler or an umpire according to their wish. Thus, it is a good way to showcase your skills and knowledge to everybody.

What are the rules of IPL fantasy league?

As there are rules in a real IPL game similarly there are various rules of IPL fantasy league such as:

  1. At least one Indian player who is uncapped
  2. The minimum requirement is three batsmen with a maximum of five
  3. Not more than seven players from one IPL franchise
  4. One wicket keeper at least with maximum number of two
  5. One all rounder with a maximum number of three
  6. At least three bowlers with a maximum number of five 


Therefore, if you are a fan of cricket or IPL you can easily play fantasy IPL and get a real time experience by playing fantasy games. Also, there are numerous benefits of playing online IPL as the only requirement for playing these games are smartphones or tablets. The various apps available out there are advanced and have an easy user interface. So, it gives a seamless experience. Besides these games take you to fantasy world and everyone from young to old can take part in this virtual experience.

Finally, it gives you the opportunity to earn money and various goodies. It can be a good way to earn some extra money while enjoying your favourite game at the same time. Not only IPL but you can also watch other games live on these applications and get timely updates and notifications about the points, scores and the status of your favourite team. So if you are a cricket fan and wanted to play IPL fantasy league for a long time look no further and download the IPL fantasy app online for free from play store or other official websites and make your dream come true.

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