2022 Technologies You Need to Consider for Your Business

The world is moving at a faster technological pace than ever before. You know that putting the right tools in your employees’ hands is a smart move for your business. However, it’s sometimes hard to figure out which ones are worth the investment or what’s hot in your industry.

The pandemic moved people to shop online more and be on their mobile devices more hours of the day. Things such as e-commerce jumped ahead by several years of predictions. People began to stay home but they wanted to stay connected. 

Businesses went remote and thus their employees needed items to help them do their jobs from home or while on the road. However the technology driving your business changed in the last couple of years, there are tech devices to cover your needs. 

What Are the New Gadgets of 2022?

Sometimes it is hard to imagine how quickly the world changes with new devices. Statista estimates emerging technologies will expand by 104% through 2023. What are some of the new gadgets of 2022 making waves?

  • Apple Macbook Air 2 has a fanless design and M32 processor.  
  • Google Pixel 6a smartphone has much faster performance .
  • iPhone 14 adds a shortcut feature to where the pill-shaped camera space resides and better visual elements/photos

5G keeps expanding and many areas of business see automation now and in the future. Let’s chat about some of the devices you should consider for your business to help with growth and performance.

1. Dual Monitors

Although using dual monitors isn’t a new phase, today’s monitors have realistic displays that help your graphic design and marketing crews come up with campaigns customers can’t look away from.

For those in your office who have several tabs open at one time, a dual monitor can help them multitask more effectively, blow up small items to see detail or answer several questions without moving from tab to tab. 

Dual monitors can also help with potential eye strain from people making windows too small to view comfortably. Workers will have more space to work with. 

2. Tablet or Smartphone

It’s almost impossible to do business in 2022 without a mobile device. You can use a phone to answer emails, stay in touch with customers or do design work on the fly. Today’s smartphones, such as the iPhone 14, offer such high pixels for their built-in cameras that you may not need a separate DSLR to take product shots.

One way you can save money if supplying cameras for yourself or employees is by trading in old phones and getting some of your investment back. There are many factors affecting your phone’s value, including condition, model and any defects. Find out what your phone is worth and use value to scale up to the most recent model. 

3. Smart Speaker

Have you thought about utilizing a smart speaker for your business? Many companies now offer one with a display. If an employee needs to pull up instructions for how to complete a task, they can also view a checklist or a video while going through the steps.

You can even use the smart speakers to send reminders about an important meeting or listen to music to drown out noisy colleagues. 

4. Portable Point of Sale (POS) System

Do you ever set up at a convention or local fair? You might gain some new customers if you offer some of your products while running the booth. A portable POS system gives you the advantage of selling to anyone anywhere.

Most portable POS systems are quite small. You can easily carry them in a pocket or bag. You’ll be able to sign a new customer up immediately and grab their deposit. 

5. Sensors

The internet of things (IoT) is growing rapidly. By the year 2025, there should be 152,200 connected IoT devices or more. One thing you can invest in that will send you real-time updates is sensors. 

Sensors connect to the cloud and send reports on things such as if a machine has too much shake and needs repaired before it breaks down. You can also utilize sensors to let you know if the temperature in your office space is comfortable, where technician vehicles are and many other things.  hu

6. High-Speed Router

Internet and machine speeds keep increasing every time a new processor or system gets released. Many areas that once had nothing but satellite internet now have fiber optic cable. Computer processors and phones are much faster, too. 

Investing in high speed internet and a router that supports the gigabytes can help people work more efficiently throughout your office or home. Make sure you invest in a wifi mesh system that extends the wireless range for those who want to jump on with mobile devices throughout the day.

For example, one of your workers is waiting on an important SMS note from a new client. They can take their phone or tablet with them to the break room and still respond when the customer messages without any delays. 

Use Common Sense

Dozens of new devices are released every year. Use your common sense to figure out which ones work best in your industry. You may love the idea of sensors, but if you are a solopreneur you likely don’t need to invest in them yet.

Look at the cost and potential benefits to productivity and time savings. If you’re still uncertain, talk to other business owners about their favorite devices and which ones they could live without. 

Eleanor Hecks is the editor-in-chief of Designerly Magazine. She’s also a web design consultant with a focus on customer experience and user interface. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dogs, Bear and Lucy. Connect with her about marketing, design and/or tea on LinkedIn.