Some Ideas To Get Creative When It Comes to Your Tech Purchases

Some Ideas To Get Creative When It Comes to Your Tech Purchases

When it comes to tech purchases these days, you have to get a little creative. There are many reasons for this. One of those reasons is inflation. Economic forces are working to drive tech prices up. There is also the chip shortage. Legacy chips are in everything from microwave ovens to automobiles. Your cutting-edge tech is still encumbered by legacy nodes in the mix. Besides factors, the best tech products are hard to come by because of massively increased demand left over from the pandemic and work from home. For any number of reasons, good tech is more expensive and you have to find new ways to get it.

Of course, there is always the old school method. You can finance electronics by getting a small loan. That is more common than you think. A lot of people are finding themselves in the same situation as you are. In 2020, families had to get computers for everyone in the house just to maintain school and work. This was a major expenditure made even worse by the fact that many found themselves out of work. They had to get creative. If you need to improve your tech stack, these are some tried and true methods of getting it:

Develop a Tech-Based Side Hustle

Despite the many factors affecting iOS app development cost, it is still a good way to make the money you need to purchase the tech you want. If you already have some development chops, you can develop a simple app that will get you in the door. Don’t worry about the app you really want to make. Get something out the door that will bring in the money to finance the app you really want to make. That strategy will also get you money for tech upgrades you crave.

Some of the costs associated with app development include:

  • Learning a different development language
  • Getting updated development and testing hardware
  • App Store issues that could keep your app from seeing the light of day without negotiations and changes to the app
  • Finding the right monetization option that makes the most sense for you and your customers

All of these things can make app development a risky path. But the rewards are usually more than worth the risk. You will maintain the motivation to see it through when doing what you love. In this way, you are using tech to pay for more tech. That’s a win-win.

Sell Your Old Tech

It never occurs to some people that they have the exact piece of tech that someone else would pay good money to have. Your old and well-treated tech might be a gold mine. Remember, getting new tech is just as hard for other people as it is for you. People are more willing than ever to take a chance on pre owned electronics. They will also pay top dollar because it is not always a matter of price. The item you are looking to sell might not be available new. You can charge what the market will bear. And these days, the market will bear quite a lot for the right item.

If you have this generation’s gaming console from Sony or Microsoft, you might be able to sell it for more than you paid for it. Macs have always held their value very well. Your chances of getting top dollar are even better because the wait time for Apple’s latest products is often measured in weeks and months rather than days. Selling your old tech is often the shortest distance to reaching the new tech you crave.

Try Renting

Some tech is so expensive and used so rarely that it makes more sense to rent it than to own it. Camera lenses are good examples. A single lens can cost thousands. You shouldn’t buy that lease for your once in a lifetime safari vacation. Rent it once and capture memories that will last a lifetime rather than credit card bills. Also, look for leasing deals that let you pay installments until the item is paid off. Renting and leasing puts tech within reach of just about everyone.

You need new tech but you are being held back by finances. You can always get a small loan. If that doesn’t fit your needs, try starting a tech-related hustle, selling your old tech, and renting the pieces you don’t need very often.