How Do You Build the Best Lead Generating Website?

Fed up with putting in time and effort daily to generate leads, only to find out they lack the requirements or are not yet ready to purchase? Wish qualified leads would magically appear? Lead generation doesn’t have to be hard.

The best lead generating website can qualify, convert, and deliver leads to your email with a few changes. Seems too good? Let’s discuss how to build the best lead generating website. 

Best Practices to Build the Lead Generating Website

Here are some best practices that you need to do to create the best website for lead generation:

  • Begin by Building a Reliable Website

If your website is unattractive or doesn’t work properly, you can forget about getting new customers.

The first step to creating the best lead generating website is to have a website that works. If your site is slow to respond, takes too long to load, or is hard to use in general, you won’t get as much traffic as you need to convert good leads.

This step is not hard. Search web development services near me, find a reliable agency, and get an effective website designed and developed. 

  • Include a Phone Number

Putting a phone number on your website might seem strange, especially if you sell a digital product. But doing so makes people more likely to trust you and gives your offer more credibility. Even if your customers don’t call, the fact that you have a phone number gives them peace of mind.

  • Produce Video Content 

Online videos help bridge the gap between offline and online shopping and boost conversion rates for many businesses, especially e-commerce websites.  Users who saw a product video were considerably more inclined to buy it than those who merely watched an ad. So go for this practice if you want to create the best lead generating website. 

  • Include Quality Forms

Adding forms to your website is one of the easiest ways to turn qualified leads into sales.

From simple contact forms to more sophisticated request quote forms, forms give you all the information you need to determine if a lead is qualified and ready to talk to a salesperson. 

  • Add Pictures and Testimonials to Make Your Site More Credible

Testimonials can be an effective marketing tool, but you can take them one step further by adding photos or rich media like video or audio. Rich media versions may take up too much bandwidth for websites trying to get leads, but solid testimonials can have a big impact and back up your selling.

  • Think About Live Chat

If a website’s goal is to get leads all the time and have the best generating website, then live chat is one of the tools to get you there.

It’s always available, so anyone who has a query about your products or services can easily ask it as soon as they think of it.  Even if it’s 2 AM on a Saturday, they get an answer, and you get a lead.

  • Always Test and Improve

Last but not least, it should be no surprise that testing and optimizing your lead generating website is often one of our top recommendations.

You should always look at your data, try out new calls to action (CTAs), and try out new strategies to see how you can increase conversion rates.

If one call-to-action or content offer isn’t working, try something else. The best lead generating website is always changing and getting better to meet the wants and needs of visitors. You can also search for an eCommerce website developer near you to try new experiments with your website to improve it. 


Testing is the only smart way to know what works for your specific needs. However, keeping these best practices in mind when making your lead generation sites can assist you in working less and converting more!