Exploring ChatGPT: its Benefits, Limitations, and How It Makes Money

Exploring ChatGPT: its Benefits, Limitations, and How It Makes Money

ChatGPT is an exceptional chat bot that was created in November 2022 by open AI – a company that researches artificial intelligence. This chat bot quickly resonated with users everywhere around the world because of its capabilities.

Furthermore, during the first few months after the creation of chatgpt, it was said to be capable of handling advance tasks. The sole purpose of creating chatgpt was to make a lot of things easier for humans.

This purpose was achieved my the chatgpt as it is capable of handling tasks like; negotiating a parking ticket – helping you organize your day by creating an effective to–do list; and also, help out with reports and projects in the workplace.

Unlike most chat bots that have been created before, chatgpt is most capable of changing the dynamics of humans and chat bot interactions.

What Is ChatGPT?

Simply put, chatgpt is just a chat bot – an artificial intelligence model that takes part in conversational dialogue. It is very similar to the chat services that most companies use on their customer service sites.

Open AI is the company responsible for the development of chatgpt. This is a company whose mission is to make artificial intelligence benefit all of humanity.

Also, the GPT in chatGPT is abbreviation for Generative Pre-training Transformer.

What Sets ChatGPT Apart From Other Chat Bots?

Simply put, the use of RLHF – Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback. Chatgpt was trained using RLHF. This is what makes chatgpt capable of answering questions, challenging incorrect assumptions, and correcting its own mistakes.

Moreover, the capabilities of chatgpt has been put to the test so many times. For instance, it has been programmed to create human based text using the data or information that it is given.

Also, because chatgpt was trained using a dataset of human conversations, it knows the difference between context and intent, hence, allowing it to have natural conversations.

Lastly, chatgpt is capable of being a customer service bot; creating text based contents for projects, blogs, reports, social media pages, and assignments; and it can also translate words from one language to another.

How Does ChatGPT Make Money?

Open AI sells chatgpt application programming interface on a subscription basis to companies that needs it for the benefits. However, a free version of chatgpt remains on the chatgpt website. This version is available to the general public for free.

This means that open AI doesn’t make money from this free version.

Furthermore, open AI announced on February 1st 2023 that chatgpt plus will be launched eventually.

This plus version is said to have a paid subscription plan for 20 dollars per month. Subscribers who will adhere to this subscription plan will get a number of benefits that aren’t available now.

Benefits like, access to improvements and new features, unlimited access to chatgpt, and quicker responses from the chat bot.

It was also stated in the news that this paid version of chatgpt will be accessible to only those in the United states of America. However, the expansion will take place after a while, as this is only a pilot version.

Open AI is slowly paving the way to making billions of dollars through the generation of chatgpt.

Chatgpt is definitely a promising venture because within a week of its first launch, it recorded one million users.

Lastly, open AI is a billion dollar company, and one of the most valuable startups in the world.

Benefits of ChatGPT

The benefits of chatgpt depends on each individual’s use for it. Some people have basic use for it while others use it for more advanced tasks.

For instance, some people use it as an ordinary chat bot – where they just ask questions and get answers back.

While on the other hand, it can be used as a too to help you organize your day.

So basically, it all depends on what the individual’s needs are. Also, with further improvements there will be even better uses for chatgpt as time goes on.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT

Open AI itself has said that chatgpt isn’t perfect. Even though the company is gunning for perfection, there are still some limitations that has been recorded so far.

Here are some of the limitations so far; chatgpt contents sometimes contain incorrect statements; it also makes some assumption about unclear queries; and it tends to be wordy when creating long form content.

Lastly, when it was first released, it resonated amongst students. This was because they were using it to do assignments, reports, and projects.

This was an issue for a while, until a software used to detect chatgpt written content was created.


ChatGPT is a text based AI bot. It is an advanced chat bot capable of engaging in human–like dialogue. The bot gained millions of users shortly after its creation in November 2022.

Even though there are some concerns about chatgpt; its risk and some downsides, the benefits seem to have overweighed the concerns.

Chatgpt is a revolutionized chat bot.