Everything to Know About the Specification of Upcoming DDR5

The release date of another DDR i.e., “DDR5— Samsung’s Super-fast RAM” has been announced by the ‘JEDEC Solid State Technology Association’ and it naturally sparks the huge amounts of interest among both enthusiasts and professionals alike. Therefore, to meet the needs of people who’re inquiring about the specifications of the latest RAM offerings, we’ve come out with this blog. Here, you all get to know everything about DDR5 memory ranging from its release date, price, availability, and comparison with DDR4 to its benefits! So, without wasting any further second, continue reading this blog further to acknowledge yourself in advance about this next generation RAM:

JEDEC— an industry group that develops open memory standards with more than 300 members including Samsung, AMD, Intel, Micron, and so on, has finalized the specification of DDR5 Ram! Originally the organization aimed to publish the specification for DDR5 in 2018 but obviously that didn’t happen and now finally the wait is over as the specification is at least on paper.

DDR5 Memory Release Date:

You will start seeing ‘Consumer-grade DDR5’ being available for people only around the late 2021. It is so because both the Intel and AMD’s next-generation consumer chips slated for later this year are based on DDR4.

DDR5 Memory Price Range:

Currently, there’s no announcement about how much the superfast memory will cost the consumers but based on historical evidence of price range, RAM has always been one of the more inexpensive components. Therefore, DDR5 will undoubtedly be relatively expensive when it first arrives in the market. However, as noted, with time ‘the per-gigabyte’ cost of RAM always drops. So, not to worry more about the price range of DDR5.

DDR5 Memory Benefits

  • DDR5 is expected to come with decreases in power consumption at 1.1 volts.
  • DDR5 frequencies are though expected to max out at 6400 MHz but, there’re also some companies like ‘SK Hynix’ that have promised the DDR5 frequencies to max out to around 8400 MHz.
  • DDR5 will offer a huge performance boost to AMD, APU & CPU as all these have thrived on higher speed memory.

DDR5 Memory V/S DDR4:

  • Developers of DDR5 have been quoted saying that this latest RAM module will have almost twice the performance of DDR4-3200 RAM. Basically, DDR5 will have double density and double speed as compared to DDR4-3200 i.e., DDR5 will going to accommodate 32 GB in the same space where DDR4 accommodates now a total of only 16gb per stick.
  • Users will be able to see the high speed in DDR5 as it will be going to bring an expected increase in speed at 4800 MHz as compared to 2400MHz— the standard frequency of DDR4.

Feature Comparison of DDR4 AND DD5R:

  • Data Rates—DDR 4 offers data rates at 3200MHz and DDR5 will offer data rates at 4800-6400 MHz. It means DDR will increase its performance and bandwidth.
  • VDD/VDDQ/VPP— DDR 4 has 1.2 and DDR5 will have around only 1.1. It means DDR5 will have lower power as compared to DDR4.
  • Device densities— Device contains 16 GB Max whereas DDR5 will have a total of 64 GB space. It means DDR5 will be considered as larger monolithic devices as compared to DDR4.
  • CRC— DDR 4 only ‘Read’ as compared to DDR5 that ‘Reads’ as well as ‘Write.’ It means DDR5 will strengthen system RAS simply by protecting the read data.
  • Prefetch— DDR 4 has 8n whereas, on the other hand, DDR5 will have around 16n. It means DDR5 will keep the internal core clock at low.
  • Burst length—DDR4 has BL16 burst length and DDR5 will have BL32 burst length. Not only that; DDR5 will also allow 64 GB cache line fetch with only 1DIMM sub-channel.

Based on the comparison, eventually, it can be said the newer RAM will definitely offer better performance as compared to the previous version! It is because, with every newer version, the engineering improves.

So, for now, that’s all about the specification of DDR5 RAM that will help you in upgrading your RAM to the next level as upgrading RAM of your system is the most effective way of achieving high-performance gains from your system. However, in order to get the answers for all your further queries about the DDR5, you can visit the technical website ‘Get assist’.

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