Best cable tv channel providers in the USA

Cable tv is the most common type of tv that is available almost everywhere since the cables that it uses are the same as those of telephones. Due to its wide reach, cable tv is the first option for many households. Moreover, cable tv costs less than satellite or streaming services and so it suits the PayScale of most households all across the country.

Most internet service providers offer bundle deals that include a home phone and an internet connection at great prices that are irresistible for most users. Moreover, cable tv service is also reliable as there’s less chance of climatic damage. While there might not be a lot of channels or customizable options as with streaming tv, cable tv is still great for most households with not too many specific needs. Additionally, there are loads of sports channels under one roof so sports buffs can have time of their life during various gaming seasons.

If you despise buffering and waiting for long hours for a season or movie to download, then cable tv is the thing for you. It can get you all the new episodes of the seasons you’re so in love with while the sports fans at home can cheer alongside millions of others with the live streaming of their matches.

Anyone can find a good cable deal if they know what to look for. A few pointers for an efficient, result providing search are:

  • Look around and find out about the number of providers that are offering Cable tv services in your area.
  • Going for a bundled deal will most definitely prove fruitful as this will mean less hassle while paying bills at the end of every month.
  • Make sure to look at the equipment fees that ISPs may be charging you. Any such surprises are never too fun. Take inventory of the number of displaying screens that you have at home so you know the exact number of receivers you might need.
  • Every plan that is offered to you comes with a set or a limited number of channels. Try to make sure that the package you select has all your favorite ones.

Let’s take a peek at a few of the best cable tv providers in the states to help you decide on a connection that will make your day.


Xfinity has some of the best budget-friendly deals available in the market. Here are their plans and prices with the number of channels that they are offering.

Plan                                       Price                      TV channel count

Extra                                      $49.99                        140+   

Preferred Plus                     $59.99                         220+   

Digital Starter                      $70.99                        140+

Digital Preferred                 $89.49                         220+

  • Xfinity offers a no-contract option and also comes with its DVR.
  • The no-contract option comes at an extra cost of $10 per month but is amazing if you don’t want any strings attached for the time when you want to relocate or simply cancel your connection altogether.
  • It also offers some pretty cool stuff like a voice-controlled remote as well as a cable box.
  • You can save 60 hours of HD recording on the X1 DVR and record 6 shows all at once.
  • Moreover, if you aren’t satisfied with all the offered channels, simply customize by adding new channels through Xfinity’s customizable option. They will cost you more though.
  • The downside is that Xfinity is known to charge extra fees so be careful while reading your contract. Know what you’re getting including all the extra amount you’ll be paying.
  • It has a wide reach and so most people can find Xfinity in their area of living.


Here are the plans offered by COX.

Plan                                        Price                      TV channel count

TV Starter                              $25                                     75+

Contour TV                           $69.99                               140+

  • While being a little costly, COX’s plans are still customizable and therefore, a great choice for you and your family. It caters to most sports fans and movie buffs, giving options to the whole family. There’s something for everyone with COX cable tv.
  • Its DVR is amazing and can record up to 340 hours of HD, recording 6 shows at the same time. The only problem is that its DVR costs $19.99 a month so the package becomes hefty in terms of pricing.
  • There is a 2-year contract with this cable provider but it may be the only option available in your area. The quality of services is really good and it is reliable.


When it comes to relying on a no-contract option, there is nothing like Spectrum.

Plan                                             Price                                 TV channel count

Spectrum TV® Select              $44.99                                      125+   

Spectrum TV® Silver               $74.99                                      175+   

Spectrum TV Gold                   $94.99 200+

  • Since there are no contracts and you’re flying free, there are no headaches when trying to relocate or shift to another network. Spectrum may increase its price after a year but by that time, you’ll for sure if you still wish to continue with Spectrum’s services or not.
  • With Spectrum, you get to save extra bucks especially if you get a bundle deal. Spectrum’s internet has much greater availability than its cable tv.
  • Spectrum’s equipment may vary from location to location. So, you may essentially be in the dark about the devices that you’ll be getting until you buy the connection.
  • Depending on where you live, your DVR can store anywhere from 21 hours of recording to 150 hours of it. A downside is that it records only two things at once.

People are much more into entertainment provided by media now than they ever were. Add the pandemic to this and you get unhappy depressed households due to work from home and the lockdown situation. TV is doing an amazing job of keeping everyone informed and spreading a little bit of joy among families. We’ve put in our best efforts to help you find a telecommunications company that is suitable for most of you out there. We hope one of these can bring the much-wanted fun and joy to your household.


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