Tamilrockers Proxy – Unblock Tamil Rockers By Using A Proxy Site [2023]

Tamil Rockers is fast becoming a popular source for those who want to download or stream their favorite movies, even those that have just been recently released.

Here, you can find the latest movies and TV shows from Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and many others. Media from the US and other locations are also available.

What is Tamil Rockers?

Tamil Rockers is a torrent site similar to ThePirateBay and KickAssTorrents. However, Tamil Rockers focuses more on Indian movies although there is also some Western content that can be found.

Tamil Rockers was founded in 2011 by four Indians. These people are also the main contributors in the site although many users worldwide have uploaded and contributed different movies into the platform.

What Content Can I Find at Tamil Rockers?

Different types of content can be found at Tamil Rockers. Most of these are illegally copied from DVDs and distributed, while others are recorded using cameras or other recording equipment.

Tamil Rockers has a lot of content that cover local movies in different languages. They also have foreign films, primarily those made in the US.

Those who access the site can download the movies directly into their computers for offline viewing. They can also opt to stream the movies directly from the site.

Streaming resolutions will vary from film to film but can range from 780p to full HD. Some films may also have subtitles of different languages such as English, Tamil, and the like.

Tamilrockers Website New link 2023 (100% Working)

tamilrockers.com tamilrockers co
tamilrockers.cl tamilrockers.cv
tamilrockers.yt tamilrockers.ul
tamilrockers.hn tamilrockers.hd
tamilrockers.in tamilrockers.by
tamilrockers.do tamilrockers.to
tamilrockers.ph tamilrockers.gs
tamilrockers.gd tamilrockers.net
tamilrockers.bz tamilrockers.vc
tamilrockers.ch tamilrockers.gy
tamilrockers.li tamilrockers.sh
tamilrockers.tv tamilrockers.mu
tamilrockers.org tamilrockers.lol
tamilrockers.tel tamilrockers.ws
tamilrockers.da tamilrockers.ai

What Kind of Movies Can I Find at Tamil Rockers?

Here are just some of the examples of movies that you can download or stream:

  • Jawan
  • Barbie
  • Oppenheimer
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Carry on Jatta 3
  • Jurassic World: Dominion
  • Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness
  • Kushi
  • Gadar 2
  • Jailer
  • Lust Stories 2
  • Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan

Of course, many more are being added each day, from the latest releases to the more classic films.

Top Tamilrockers Proxy Sites List 2023

Tamilrockers Proxy Site Proxy Site URL Status
Proxy 1 https://tamilrockers.u4m.pw/ Not Working
Proxy 2 https://tamilrockers.unblocknow.casa/ Not Working
Proxy 3 tamilrockers.nocensor.world Not Working
Proxy 4 Unblock.tamilrockers.ws Not Working
Proxy 5 http://tamilrockers.mrunlock.red/ Working
Proxy 6 https://tamilrockers.mrunblock.pro/ Not Working
Proxy 7 https://www.1tamilmv.loan/ Working
Proxy 8 tamilrockers.unbl4you.click Not Working
Proxy 9 https://tamilrockers.mrunlock.space/ Not Working
Proxy 10 https://tamilrockers.123unblock.monster/ Not Working
Proxy 11 https://tamilblasters.wiki/ Not Working
Proxy 12 https://tamilrockers.mrunblock.pw/ Not Working
Proxy 13 https://tamilrockers.unblockproject.icu Not Working
Proxy 14 tamilrockers.g2g.casa Not Working
Proxy 15 https://tamilrockers.unblockit.id/ Not Working
Proxy 16 http://tamilrockers.ws/ Working
Proxy 17 https://tamilrockers.unblockproject.space/ Not Working
Proxy 18 https://tamilrockers.unbl0ck.fun/ Not Working
Proxy 19 tamilrockers.mrunblock.fun Not Working
Proxy 20 https://tamilrockers.prox4you.pro/ Not Working
Proxy 21 https://tamilrockers.unblockproject.pro/ Not Working
Proxy 22 https://tamilrockers.nocensor.casa Not Working
Proxy 23 https://tamilrockers.nocensor.icu/ Not Working
Proxy 24 https://www.tamilrockermovies.co/ Not Working
Proxy 25 tamilrockers.u4m.cfd Not Working
Proxy 26 http://tamilrockers.link/ Working
Proxy 27 https://tamilrockers.nocensor.rest/ Not Working
Proxy 28 tamilrockers.unbl4you.click Not Working
Proxy 29 https://tamilrockers.net/ Not Working
Proxy 30 https://tamilrockers.proxybit.pro/ Not Working
Proxy 31 http://tamilrockers.site/ Working
Proxy 32 tamilrockers.g3g.guru Not Working
Proxy 33 tamilrockers.unbl0ck.monster Not Working
Proxy 34 https://tamilmv.g3g.fun/ Working
Proxy 35 tamilrockers.proxybit.cyou Not Working
Proxy 36 tamilrockers.unblockproject.sbs Not Working
Proxy 37 https://tamilrockers.123unblock.pw/ Not Working
Proxy 38 https://tamilrockers.unbl0ck.space/ Not Working
Proxy 39 https://tamilrockers.nocensor.club/ Not Working
Proxy 40 https://tamilrockers.unblocknow.pro/ Not Working
Proxy 41 tamilrockers.unblocknow.fun Not Working
Proxy 42 tamilrockers.proxybit.cfd Not Working
Proxy 43 https://tamilrockers.unbl0ck.pro/ Not Working
Proxy 44 https://tamilrockers.123unblock.fun Not Working
Proxy 45 https://tamilrockers.ws/ Not Working
Proxy 46 tamilrockers.u4m.world Not Working
Proxy 47 https://tamilrockers.g2g.bar/ Not Working
Proxy 48 https://tamilrockers.mrunblock.cyou/ Not Working
Proxy 49 tamilrockers.unblockproject.uno Not Working
Proxy 50 https://tamilrockerrs.pl/ Not Working

Is It Safe to Access the Tamil Rockers Site?

While accessing the Tamil Rockers site is relatively safe, you cannot be guaranteed of harmful viruses or spyware to attack your computer. This can be problematic as it can cause performance issues and even identity theft.

As such, it is recommended that you install updated antivirus software, and to make sure that it is running while accessing Tamil Rockers or other similar sites.

Can I Access Tamil Rockers on my Phone or Tablet?

Yes, you can access Tamil Rockers on mobile phones or tablets. The site is optimized for mobile viewing especially when it comes to streaming.

This is also a good move especially as mobile phones are typically more difficult to hack than computers. Just make sure to have a VPN running to further add security.

Using mobile data instead of connecting to your home wifi adds even more security when accessing the Tamil Rockers site.

Where Can I Access Tamil Rockers?

As Tamil Rockers is a site that aims to share illegal content, the government regularly takes these sites down. However, there are many mirror and proxy sites that will pop up which will allow users to access the site without any problems.

Tamil Rockers proxy sites that are currently up and running include:

  • cl
  • mz
  • ai
  • lu
  • av
  • st
  • re
  • nl
  • gr
  • unblockit.bio
  • fun
  • nocensor.casa

There are many more similar sites that will provide access to the platform. Simply google them and the top results are most of the time valid.

Top Alternative Sites for TamilRockers Proxy Site

You can check alternative sites for TamilRockers given below:

  • 1377x Proxy
  • uwatchfree
  • isaidub
  • 1887x Torrent
  • animefreak tv
  • 4movierulz
  • RARBG Proxy
  • hdmoviearea
  • 13377x
  • Utsav7fun
  • Hiidude

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Is Tamil Rockers Legal in India?

Downloading, distributing, and watching copyrighted or pirated content is highly illegal. If you get caught, you will definitely be liable and may be fined or imprisoned.

The imposition of copyright and piracy regulations vary from location to location, but in order to be safe make sure to utilize a good VPN to ensure that you are able to browse anonymously.

FAQs about TamilRockers Proxy

  • Is TamilRockers Proxy Legal?

TamilRockers Proxy itself is not illegal, as it merely acts as an intermediary server. However, using proxies to access copyrighted or restricted content might be against the law in some regions. Always check your local laws and usage policies before accessing TamilRockers Proxy.

  • Are Proxies Completely Safe?

While proxies provide an extra layer of anonymity, they do not guarantee complete safety. Some proxies may log user data or contain security vulnerabilities. Choose a reliable and reputable proxy service to minimize potential risks.

  • Can Proxies Hide My Online Activities from ISPs?

Yes, proxies can mask your online activities from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). However, it’s essential to note that not all proxies offer the same level of security and encryption. Consider using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for enhanced privacy.

TamilRockers VPN Services

  • Nord VPN
  • Ivacy 80% Off
  • ExpressVPN
  • WindScribe
  • IPVanish
  • Get PureVPN


Tamil Rockers provides visitors access to thousands of different movies, whether it be in Telugu, Tamil, or other languages. The greatest movies from Bollywood and Hollywood are available through this site.

However, you have to ensure your security from both copyright regulations and piracy laws as well as from invasive and harmful software. Thus, running antivirus and anti-malware software as well as using VPNs are a must.

Lastly, it must be noted that watching and distributing pirated content is a crime in India and in most countries around the world.