Scope of MA Journalism in India

MA Journalism provides the right training to students in all fields of the media starting from creative, analytical, and technical skills. It is a post-graduate program that lasts for 2 years.  There is very good scope in journalism and the best way to explore a career would be to take proper training through a course.

If you are thinking of pursuing an MA in Journalism, read this article to know what are the career scopes in MA Journalism in India.

Career Opportunities with MA Journalism & Mass Communication

Content Writer

With a strong background in language, you can become an excellent content writer. Various corporates, agencies, and digital houses constantly hire creative writers. As a writer you can also write for news, interviews, write blogs, website content, social media content, attend and write about events, etc. Content is ultimately everything whether it is a creative individual, celebrity, or brand. 

Public relations

If you have good communication and people skills you can try a career in public relations. From agencies to corporate offices, organizations need talented and well-spoken relators who can represent an organization and also enhance a brand’s image. With a background in mass communication, candidates learn about communicating and garner people skills. With that exposure, you will know how to hold a conversation and what to ask people coming from different backgrounds. A PR is a professional who has great communication skills and is capable of writing proper press releases and address the media as the spokesperson of a brand or organization when needed. 


Mass Communication teaches the concept of advertisement and its uses. It has to do with selling a product or a service through an idea that needs to be expressed creatively. You can work on your own or join numerous agencies that need good creative writers for scripts and innovative campaigns for bringing in new ideas. If you are creative and have good skills in representation, then this field should work well for you.

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is marketing on digital platforms such as websites or even social media. As a student of mass communications, you can try learning how a brand communicates with its audience and where it can improve. The field of digital marketing is quite broad and one can work as a copywriter, email marketer, blog writer, social media marketer, content marketer, and many others. Digital marketing is a booming industry and is likely to stay so in the near future. A creative person can expect good rewards in this line of work. 

Event Management

There are all sorts of events happening on an everyday basis be it family events, public gatherings like rallies, political gatherings, public conventions, corporate events, etc. You can try working as a creative planner or manage the other aspects of an event like public communications or marketing, or finance, etc. Event management when done right is a highly lucrative role and there are plenty of opportunities too. 


You can work as a correspondent to report news in the interest of the public as a representative of a certain media organization. Correspondents may both write on news and also speak in front of the camera. If your communication skills are good, this can be a very good career choice for a mass communication student. 

Other than the above roles, you can also work as a proofreader, editor, educator. You can also explore a career in television and film production. 

Join a journalism program today to start a flourishing career.  

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