New CompTIA Security+ Certification exam now available

CompTIA security+ is a very great certificate. It clears all the basic doubts related to cyber security. The certificate provided by it is equivalent to entry-level but it serves as a hiring standard in the industry. Companies prefer people with basic Cybersecurity knowledge as they aim at having permanent employees. Protection of data and preventing server breaches during this time of communication is very important. Any information link would be too hard for the company to tackle financially and would also challenge the reputation. The salary offered to a Cybersecurity employee with a CompTIA security+ Trainingcertificate is $98,000. Though it is less as compared to many other key positions in Cybersecurity, it offers the highest growth over the years. It is very effective when you apply for a bigger certification to take your career to great highest.

This certification can mark and help a project manager’s commitment to the work environment where they are delivering their services. This can help in jump-starting their career by boosting the chances of recruitment as this certification is more often looked for by the HRs and recruiters these days while employing newbies. They expect their employees to be top-notch so that they can empower their buyers with a variety of solutions with their benefit and can deliver seamlessly to their institution or firm. A major objective of this certificate is that it is not limited to the boundaries of a distinct region or industry. There is an enormous range of streams and sectors for the project managers to choose from.

Exam Format:

A total number of questions the candidates have to face is 150. The time limit of the exam is 3 hours. There are a total number of 15 pre-test questions, which is just an attempt by the PMI to test the candidates and recognize hidden talent.

The rest 135 questions form the basis of marking for the candidates. The questions of the exam are multiple-choice type.

For every correct answer, a candidate is awarded one mark, one can even exercise the option to revisit a question if at some stage they don’t want to attend a question at that given time and want to keep it for the end. The number of marks required to be eligible for passing this exam is still not made public by the exam authorities. One plus point of this exam is that it doesn’t have any negative markings. Candidates are thereby encouraged to attempt all the questions.

The process to get certified is very easy as the facility to give the exam is provided online and there is no such specific time set for one to appear for the exam. Candidates can appear for the exam 24/7, even the institute encourage an online mode of the exam rather than the physical mode.

The process to appear the exam is extremely user friendly and easy, some working candidates can give the exam alongside their daily jobs by deciding the time slot on their own.

Now for the alternative offline mode, one needs to contact the local PMI chapter who are responsible for imparting lessons and then you can start off easily. The application forms are also available in a printed form at the local CompTIA chapter. Once you are given the registration code, you can give the exam anytime in one year. The exam is marked on the basis of number of questions answered correctly.

Coming to Eligibility Requirements:

This certification can be applied by individuals with little or no project experience. There are, however, two different types of scenarios or say requirement scenarios for this certification.

First one is,

You should have a high school secondary diploma or its equivalent in global terms.

1500 hours of professional experience.

The professional experience is preferred on a project team.

The second one is,

Secondary or high school diploma

23 hours of formal education

Here, the educational hour means an educational goal in the field of project management.

These are the two different scenarios for helping individuals to get the certificate, for both with or without experience. This is an open opportunity for those who do not have higher education or say have not yet started higher education but are still willing to start, as the minimum education requirement is a high school diploma. To avoid rejection, one should make sure they tick all the boxes of at least one scene which we discussed above. Then the chances of rejection are zero to very little.

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