How To Maintain A Great Look On Your Commercial Epoxy Floors

There are different types of flooring materials used in commercial premises. However, epoxy proves to be among the best of these flooring materials. Commercial epoxy floor coating is advantageous as it effectively protects the floor against all damage, is durable, and has a shiny look, giving the floor a like-new appearance. But this doesn’t mean that epoxy floors do not need consistent care to maintain their shine. If you have epoxy flooring, here are a few things you can do to keep the shine;

Protecting The Epoxy Commercial Floors

Precaution is vital when dealing with commercial floors. Although these floors are made by applying layers of hardener and resin mixtures, making them durable, it does not mean that epoxy floors cannot degrade. Your company needs to invest in protective measures to safeguard the floors. For example, you may need to put soft footpads on metallic chairs to prevent damage from dragging.

Deep Cleaning

Over the years, your commercial epoxy flooring may lose its sparkle due to the heavy traffic from people, machinery, and equipment. Thus, it is important that you schedule deep cleanings from time to time to help these floors restore their former glory. If you have no idea how to go about this, you can start by using warm water to clean the epoxy floors and then using a squeegee to dry them off.

This will definitely work to give the floors a shiny look. However, if you notice tough stains and spots left, you might need to use a surface cleaner. In this case, use a soft cloth, dipping it in the surface cleaner and wringing it, then use it to scrub the stained part. This will ensure thorough scrubbing to remove the stains while protecting the floor from scratches.

Routine Maintenance

Like any other flooring material, epoxy will need regular maintenance to retain its fresh and shiny look. Although one of epoxy floorings’ advantages is that they are long-lasting, routine maintenance will help to reduce the chances of costly floor restorations. Biannual deep cleaning of the epoxy floors does not eliminate the responsibility of cleaning the floors daily.

You can use different techniques and equipment to clean these floors. However, experts recommend vacuuming as the best for removing debris and dust. Also, they suggest that the surfaces are wiped immediately after liquids spill to prevent damage and long-term staining.

Getting Rid Of Tough Stains

Apart from regular cleaning, you may need to inspect and clean tough stains routinely. For example, if you run a dealership, car oil and grease stains can easily get to the floors and damage them. Thus, you need to ensure that they are dealt with immediately. Although a lot of care is needed in removing such stains, the cleaning is neither expensive nor tedious.

All you need to do is purchase a cleaning product that contains ammonia and water. This mixture is effective in removing the toughest stains. But the secret lies in treating the stains immediately after you notice them. If you are cleaning a large stain, all you need to do is swap the cloth for a mop to get the job done easily. However, you can be assured that this mixture will clear your epoxy floors of the annoying stains and refresh their look.

Epoxy floors are pretty easy to clean and maintain. However, routine care can go a long way in preserving their beauty and preventing costly revamps. So, you can follow the above tips to keep these floors looking new all the time. However, if the shine seems to be permanently gone even after routine cade, it may be time to call in a professional to apply a new commercial epoxy floor coating.