How to hire the best graphic design service

We all know how important communication is within a company, but it is not formed only with the words that define it. The visual and graphic part that supports the textual part is just as important.

We live in a world full of possibilities, which has its positive and negative implications. When a user goes to make a purchase, he is overwhelmed by advertising and practically identical options. It is at this point when functionality and quality cease to be a differentiating element and other factors come into play, such as graphic design.

In most purchases, users are guided by their instincts and feelings towards the brand and by how identified they feel with it.

That is not easily conveyed in words, unless a salesperson is used at the point of sale. But it is difficult to have this resource and enough time to serve each client. And at the same time, it is difficult today for a user to spend as much time on commercial messages as listening to the seller.

For example, when we go down the street, the time we spend looking at a poster or a logo is an average of 2 seconds and, only if it manages to connect with us, we stay to discover what it is about.

For this reason, there is no better way to connect with a brand, product or service than with a good crush at first sight. And that can only be achieved by a good graphic design team.

If you are reading this, it is because you know that design is important, but to what extent can it benefit you?

Benefits of graphic design for your company

But what is graphic design ? Well, it is much more than the visual part of a brand. It should not be taken lightly or left in the background.

The design is part of an entire corporate marketing strategy that works in a coordinated and consistent manner to represent the company’s values ​​and bring them closer to the target audience.

Having the right brand image can make your company or business grow without limits.

For this reason, it is very important to contact a good professional service that understands the needs of your business and knows how to take them to the visual field. In this way, the benefits that you will be able to perceive are:

  • Represent the company or business: Capture the company’s philosophy, know what should be transmitted, where it will position itself in the market, and most importantly, how it will be carried out.
  • Provide the brand with intangible values: These are values ​​that cannot be seen, but that the brand transmits that they are there, and in this way they make the target audience feel identified with the brand.
  • Establish a relationship with users: A good design facilitates the relationship with the consumer as it helps to have a more defined target audience and reach them more directly.
  • Differentiation from other brands: Even when competing with similar companies, a good graphic design helps the products stand out at the point of sale.
  • Improvement of brand reputation: It helps to improve the perception of the brand, give it a facelift, or reinforce it.

So, having a good logo already achieves all this? No. As we have said, the graphic design team carries out an entire corporate strategy in which, in addition to the logo, the corporate colors that must always be used with the brand will be defined, basic stationery such as envelopes, business cards, a web page, and everything that is necessary and useful for the company. It will also create all those elements that are needed on a day-to-day basis, for example, uniforms, a vehicle and even advertising graphics.

If you are determined to take that important step of hiring a graphic design service, and take your company one step further, it is important that you know how to choose the most suitable team or company.

Criteria for hiring graphic design services

As in all sectors, there are also countless agencies dedicated to graphic design and marketing. For this reason, you should not rush and hire the first option without considering other alternatives.

A team that offers a good graphic design service is one that spends time getting to know the project, its peculiarities and the objectives it pursues.

In addition, it is the one that does not use similar formulas with all companies, but personalizes the work with each one of them, and seeks to represent the essence of each business.

To find such a service, there are certain aspects that you must take into account when you contact an agency. These are characteristics that will indicate the quality of the service, and how it will adjust to your needs.

the portfolio

The portfolio of a designer or design team is their resume. Therefore, it is important to take a look at his previous works to see how he solves the designs in each company, if they are attractive and are up to your goals.

Knowing how the team solves projects is basic when it comes to seeing if they are decisive, and if they are capable of representing the essence of each company or business with which they work


How long have you been in business and what have been your results? Design is not subjective. Unlike art, design can be measured by results, so don’t hesitate to ask for references from their previous work.

The number of years that the graphic design team has been active is not as important as the good results achieved in that time, and what they have been able to evolve during this work.


Not all agencies offer the same services. Some are more specialized in advertising, others in renewal of the corporate image, so it is important to find an agency that offers all the services you are looking for.

In order to reach an agreement at this point, you need to expose all your needs, and see how each agency could cover them.

word of mouth

There is no better reference than that of a satisfied customer, and today it is easy to find out opinions and comments from other users thanks to online channels.

The fact that an acquaintance of yours works with a certain agency does not have to mean that they are going to be the best option for you. Perhaps their services do not suit your needs, or you do not find the style together.

However, if you find a graphic design service that you like, it is relevant to investigate the opinions of other clients and find out what kind of relationship they have.

Value added services

In addition to the basic services that we have already seen, there are other value-added features that can help you get the right graphic design service for your needs.

These are intangible values ​​that will make the relationship more fluid and the work will arise naturally and favorably for both parties.


A good professional should know how to say an approximation of the time they need, share their work schedule with you so that you are up to date with the dates and their volume of work.

In addition, a professional service will always be willing to answer your questions and keep you up to date with the evolution of the work.


It is very important that the team of designers knows how to listen to you, that you see a high degree of interest on their part towards your company and philosophy, and that they provide you with personalized treatment.

It is good that you let yourself be advised by the professional, but it is not good that you start from scratch on your own without knowing what you are looking for. There must be a good base of communication and understanding among all.


It should provide you with security, answer your questions, let you review the work you are doing whenever you need to until you are sure it was what you were looking for, and help you find the best solution to every unforeseen event.

In the same way, you must give him your trust so that he can be creative and listen to his arguments and advice. No one knows your business better than you do, but keep in mind that the agency is an expert in graphic design. You must unite your knowledge to get the most out of your work.


The importance of graphic design for your company is greater than you think and, in addition, it brings great benefits (direct and indirect). Hiring the best design service will be reflected in sales and customer loyalty.

For this reason, it is always necessary to look for a professional who meets the needs of the brand and who knows how to carry out its ideas and values ​​in the best way to approach the target audience.

What works for another company may not be the best for yours. You must look for that design team that knows how to fit your needs.