How to Choose a Mature Software Development Partner?

Partnering with a software development company for the first time is always challenging since you, as a business owner, may have tons of questions and concerns. That’s why you shouldn’t hurry up and proceed with the first company you have got in touch with. Instead, be guided by our simple but practice-proven tips that will allow for finding a reliable software development company for your project creation. 

Get Started by Comparing Hiring Local Teams vs Outsourcing Your Software Development

Basically, when looking for a software development partner, you have two ways to go:

  • Hiring a local team
  • Outsourcing your software development near or offshore.

Both of the options have their own pros and cons. For example, hiring a development team locally or in-house makes the most sense when your business growth strategy involves a lot of software projects to be created, and that’s why you may want to stay in touch with your team and be more flexible if the project course suddenly changes.

Outsourcing your project creation, in contrast, is a great option when you want to save a lion’s share of your budget but are still ready for remote collaboration, communication, and control. In this case, hiring a reliable, experienced, and transparent full-cycle software development partner becomes even more essential. 

Choose the Company With Relevant Expertise

The experience and expertise of your potential software development partner are some of the most important factors you should consider in the discovery stage. To make the process of your project creation seamless, pitfalls-free, and money-saving, you always partner with a company that already has the experience in your niche.

Understanding of your business and market specifics, as well as technical details of the software you want to be done, will allow you and your company to save a lot of time, money, and efforts on each of the stages of your project development since they already have some strategic milestones that may be reused for your benefit. 

Research Customers’ Testimonials

There are a lot of fake testimonials on the web, however, you still should find out what previous customers think about the company you intend to partner with. We suggest using Clutch. co to come up with the first impression since this platform is quite reliable and most of the reliable development companies ask their previous customers to share their feedback on this platform. 

Book the First Consultation

Most development companies offer to book the first consultation for free and this is a great opportunity to evaluate the company’s response time, their approach to remote communication, and their ability to stay on the same page with you.

What’s more, keep in mind that if your project idea is quite unique, you always have the right to sign an NDA even before the first consultation and be sure that all your private and confidential information, as well as specific details of your project, will be protected by law. A reliable software development company will never refuse to sign an NDA even before the first online meeting. 

Also, the first consultation is a great time to ask specific questions and evaluate the team’s problem-solving skills, for example, on the architecture in software engineering, so make sure to do it. 

Compare Pricing but Bet on Quality and Value

Also, most project owners want to know the cost of their project development right now and this moment is quite tricky. On the one side, making project cost evaluation at the first consultation may be real but only if you already have an understanding of the business model, the market, and the specific features you need to come up. However, if there is only a bare idea, evaluating project cost will require deeper research and business analysis. 

Both of these approaches are right depending on the situation, and that’s why you shouldn’t be lured by the low price. Instead, get in touch with several potentially suitable companies, ask them the same questions, and find the best price-quality ratio. 

Give Yourself Some Time to Come up With the First Impression

After you have got in touch with several development companies, give yourself some time to come up with an impression of each of them. Keep in mind that your right development partner is not the one who offers the best price and doesn’t cause doubts about quality. The best development partner is also those with who you are comfortable to communicate, who are on the same page with you, and who are ready to be guided by your specific requirements and solve specific problems within provided time and budget. 


Fortunately, there are a lot of reliable and well-reputed software development companies worth partnering with. When making your choice, be guided by the cold mind, carefully evaluate their approaches to doing business but listen to your intuition as well. It may suggest the company you will feel comfortable and protected while working with. 

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