Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing | Who’s the Winner?

Digital marketing You have a good idea or a product. You do the work and bring it into the market. Here you realize you do not have the eyeballs that are needed to look at you to make this endeavor a success. For this, you need a strong marketing campaign which will bring the product into the collective conscience of the people. 

Now the question that remains is how do you do it? Should you opt for going through the traditional route of TV ads, Newspapers or flyer or go to the newer mediums of Digital marketing. 

We believe that digital marketing is the best way to market your products, and many digital marketing agency in Karachi will help you with this. But before we present what digital marketing can do for you, I will shed light on how traditional marketing works and how it is ineffective in these times.


Traditional marketing, as the name, suggests, in the form of marketing where you are being shown ads on a constant and daily basis. You might have zero interest in the product. However, you still might know the product. Traditional marketing does not have a particular target audience, and there are many people the ads are shown to who have no interest in buying the product or the service.

Some of the tactics used in Traditional Marketing are:

Print: Newspapers, Digests, Magazines etc.

Over the air: TV, Radio etc.

Snail Mail: Postcards, letters

Telephone: Cold calls, Telemarketing, SMS marketing etc.

Outdoor: Flier, billboards, etc.


The biggest drawback of traditional marketing is that there is no interaction between the marketing medium and the marketed individual. The individual is just shown the product or service on offer and is expected to buy or create a brand image in front of them. 

Traditional marketing also suffers from the problem of having no control over their ad timings. An old ad has to be replaced by a newer ad every time something changes which can be very costly for the marketing budget to endure.

Higher costs are also a significant drawback. An Ad has to be run again and again on the traditional marketing medium for a significant return on investment. Costly ad campaigns have to be run again and again to see some exposure.

Traditional marketing also suffers from the problem of the inability of targeting audiences that will be interested in the product or service you are selling. An ad targeted to Engineers will be seen by all regardless of their profession, which is a waste of marketing resources.

There can also be no tweaking or changing once the ad has been run. A 100% discount instead of a 10% discount cannot be rectified once the newspapers have been printed and delivered.

Traditional marketing also suffers from the inability of disclosing a customized price for a particular segment of people who are willing to buy the service but at a different tier and price.

Ad campaigns that are run on a traditional marketing medium also suffer from ineffective tracking of the campaign success. A few people will be willing to participate in the survey about it, which in itself is very ineffective to gauge market interest in the product due to a specific campaign.


First and foremost, Digital Marketing, unlike traditional marketing, allows for interaction between the Marketeer and the individual. There is a greater sense of responsibility offered to both sides. The customer can engage with the company and point out what they like or do not like in their product. Customers have a straightforward avenue to connect with the company and ask them to address their grievances or give suggestions to better the product.

In digital marketing, all the numbers are in front of you. You can measure the results of your marketing campaign in real-time. You can gauge the customer interest in the product by directly accessing the number of conversion rates. You have all the information you need at your fingertips and can either double down or pull the plug on a marketing campaign at any time. 

Digital Marketing also affords you access to the audience that is interested in your product. A gaming product will only be shown to a gamer or the new range of appliances to newly married couples and so on in the realm of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is also cheaper than traditional marketing while providing better results and more control over your marketing campaign.


After lying down these facts in front of you, I hope you now have some understanding about why Digital marketing is better. If you have ever tried using Traditional Marketing and have given up on marketing your business by letting word of mouth do its job, give digital marketing a shot. You will see the sales you deserve.

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