Best Way to Use your iPhone For Fashion Photography At Home 

You must be underestimating the power of the iPhone if you are looking forward to use it for fashion photography. The iPhone has one of the best camera options and a high-quality result that can be very useful for casual fashion shoots. You might want to get a new click for your Instagram account or you are shooting different looks and outfits for your startup. Using your iPhone you can control all the elements of your fashion shoot. To master this skill you should start off by creating a setup using camera equipment at your home.

If you are on a tight budget or you are just taking pictures of yourself wearing your favorite brand, or you are creating catalogs for your brand, then you can go for an At-home fashion shoot where you can capture pictures of your friends or yourself. 

In an At-home fashion editing photography setting, you need a room in your home, with any single color sheet as the backdrop and lighting system that you can get online very easily. All you need to decide is the theme and the look for your model and your unique photography style if you have any. Here are a few tips that you can follow for a perfect low-budget fashion shoot at your home using your iPhone: 

Get Yourself Some Portable Lighting Equipment

Your light setting and the way you handle your lighting equipment is one of the things that might add more to your fashion shoot. To capture some sharp images you must use an external lighting setup that you can find on Amazon easily. 

You can look out for different options and order the one that suits your needs. Xfinity’s unbeatable speeds and services can get you the best shopping experience and if you get the Xfinity internet plans by Xfinity you might save some money to invest in your lighting and other equipment as well. A single light source should be sufficient to get the task done for you. 

Search or Create Neutral Backdrops 

Backdrops are very useful to avoid clutter in your photos otherwise, if you have a plain wall with no stains or extra patterns on it can get the task done. You can create backdrops by using large pieces of fabric and add more to your creativity. A backdrop that is around 12-foot will be sufficient to provide a backdrop scene for the entire human body. You can add around 4 feet extra to cover the floor as well. If you can’t afford a stand, you simply use wall hooks and hang your backdrop on it. 

Use Unique Camera Angles To Make Your Photo More Appealing. 

If you are using inspirations from social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest it is totally fine. You can find a lot of poses that you should try to capture but to make sure that you get an exceptional shot, try some unique camera angles and poses. 

To get this done, you can ask your model to come up with a very expressive look and pose so that you can relate to a star on social media or a movie scene that you might have seen. Let’s say many models pose like Marilyn Monroe or a gaming character to give out a very unique look that suits the theme of your shoot. Also, make sure that your camera angle is set so that it highlights your subject’s features. 

Create Some Moving Effect in Your Photos 

You can create an amazing shot by making your model stand and make different poses or you can ask them to flow, rustle or drape the clothes that they are wearing. This makes your clothing or fabric look more prominent and your model more majestic as well. You can ask them to show some emotions like fun, dancing with joy, happiness, sadness and so many other emotions that you can create in your clicks. This makes your shoot more unique, has a story in it that you can relate to and so much more. 

Use Props or Another Model to Make Your Clicks Interesting

You must be having a lot of clothes and accessories that your model will be wearing but it is a good idea to use some additional props to tell a story or add an element of interest to your photos. This can be a hat, scarf, a cane, some kind of sports equipment if you are shooting for a sports brand and so many other things. 

Key Takeaways

In the end, we can say that you can carry out a very successful At-home fashion shoot using your iPhone. All you need to do is think creatively and get yourself familiar with the camera settings of the iPhone and also make sure that you prepare for your fashion shoot beforehand. This will keep you away from all kinds of trouble on the day when you will be having your shoot.

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