7 Tips To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website


Maintaining productivity and increasing profitability are two goals shared by every business organization out there. What drives the overall commercial growth of a modern-day company? Website traffic determines your worth among your competitors in the industry. That’s why an organization strives to bring more visitors to its website for improving online ranking and acquiring more customers. Winning in this digital marathon wasn’t complicated when search engine optimization was composed of a few simple principles. But now, companies require the implementation of a well-constructed marketing campaign. This campaign must constitute some crucial methods to boost organic traffic.

Recommendations for boosting organic traffic

How much do you think these searches contribute to your website traffic? Statistics show that over 50% of visitors reach a brand via organically generated queries. That’s why 40% of marketers consider organic searching as the most profitable marketing channel available. What sort of “tricks” do they follow to boost this natural traffic? Let’s explain some of these excellent techniques right now:

1. Meta title/description:-

What happens when your webpage appears before an internet user on SERPs? That person sees your site’s meta title and meta description. The title captions the subject of the weblink, while the description briefly explains what it’s offering. Hence, make the headline catchy enough to draw a random surfer’s attention. Also, the meta description must summarize the content of that webpage.

Make sure that the title contains 60 characters max and the description should fall within 160 characters. Integrate the top keyword in both of these elements. But the title should be conversational and enticing enough to convince a reader to find it helpful.

2. Polish your SEO game:-

The success of your endeavors for boosting organic traffic lies heavily upon search engine optimization.SEO improves your site’s visibility and makes search engines more friendly with your brand. All of our recommendations fall directly under the realm of SEO tactics. Many factors contribute to the fulfillment of your SEO efforts. But many details can be too complicated for a newbie. So, try the following (and many other)SEO tips if you’re a beginner in this industry:

  • Add alternative text for images.
  • Make your URLs short and descriptive.
  • Add more words to your articles for content richness.
  • Link to external websites as well as internal web pages.
  • Avoid experimenting with “black hat” SEO or tricking search engines.

3. Google MyBusiness:-

It’s crucial for local SEO that your company appears on Google’s MyBusiness platform. It helps you appear in a better position on SERPs and direct more organic traffic towards your website. Experts believe that enlisting in MyBusiness facilitates local customers to discover your brand. Therefore, you can acquire a more significant chunk of walk-in customers through online searches. In short, the more you appear on local search results, the more physical traffic you’ll get. Don’t forget to provide:

  • The company’s name
  • A description of your firm
  • Pictures/videos of the building
  • Days/hours when you’re open for business
  • Your contact information (email, phone, and address)

4. Keyword research for organic traffic:-

Which specific words/phrases do you want to rank for in SERPs? Conducting full-fledged keyword research helps you determine that. Discover what topics your target audience is interested in by investigating the buyer personas you’ve developed. Then come up with distinct keywords related to these particular topics. You can utilize a keyword research toolkit to improve your investigative endeavors. Always keep the user intent in mind when you formulate these crucial words/phrases. In other words, understand how your average customer searches on the internet. Also, make sure you’ve directed your attention to finding keywords with more volume but less competition.

Learn that long-tail keywords allow you to target a specific portion of your niche that is more likely to purchase from you. Instead of going with “lawyers,” try using “family lawyers in Washington.” Such a phrase would have tailored descriptions specific to your services/products. They’re more relevant to the user intent and offer a lower volume of industrial competition. Furthermore, updated statistics show that 92% of keywords users enter in the search bar are the long-tail ones.

5. Investigate your competitors:-

Competitor analysis tools allow you to find out what makes your rivals so popular among your niche. You discover what sort of content they produce, what subjects they discuss, and how they advertise to their target audience. It helps you realize what you’re doing wrong and how you can remove your shortcomings. This research gets you precious insights into your competitors’ methodologies. But, of course, it doesn’t permit you to duplicate the rivals’ content or republish it as your own.

6. Try blogging much?

Do you know that the first search result has a 28.5% click-through rate? The second result’s CRT lies below 16%. How can you ensure that your website appears first for your target customers? The trick to getting more organic traffic is to publish blogs constantly by keeping the quality consistent with your niche’s expectations. Also, Google likes content that is fresh, unique, relevant, and informative for the audience. You also get more quality backlinks if your articles become popular online.

Marketers produce content to be published on authority platforms to leverage the popularity in their favor. These well-established websites give your company access to an unexploited audience. In exchange for writing for a third party, you get to insert some hyperlinks back to your website. It’s deceptively convenient to write as a guest. You have to find platforms that accept guest posts. They often advertise as “write for us,” so you know they will consider your pitch. Ensure that your idea has relevance to your niche’s interests. Once you’ve finished an article, submit the piece and wait for a response. Once published, you’ll see an apparent increase in your organic traffic.

7. Customer experience:-

Statistics show that 40% of visitors leave the website if loading takes over 3 seconds. It means fewer users will spend time browsing. As a result, Google will demote your website. Demotion will make the site less visible. So, focus on improving how fast the page loads.

More than 50% of internet searches are generated by hand-held devices now. So, if your website isn’t mobile-optimized, you’ll suffer an organic traffic loss. Ensure that the site is easy to navigate via smartphones and content readability doesn’t bother a customer.

Conclusion about organic traffic

Increasing organic traffic influences the performance of your website. You earn high-quality leads and better revenue after increasing the number of daily visitors. Remember that your objective is to attract the attention of valuable consumers belonging to your niche. Your marketing strategies are futile if you’re advertising to others instead of your target audience. That’s why you need to incorporate specific methods into your online campaigns that activate visitors’ engagement and increase conversion rates. Only then you’ll turn random visitors into your loyal customers.