WordPress is a wonderful blogging platform, but not all bloggers are experts when it comes to WordPress Post Revisions. So many blogs out there have very un-original content and post revisions turn into a nightmare for the blogger. In this article we will go over how to get things done the WordPress way.

WordPress allows you to make one or more blog posts at any time, so you can revise your previous blog posts at anytime. Now I want to talk about WordPress Post Revisions. When you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, there are a few different ways that you can revise your blog posts. You have the option to make manual post revisions, but using this option is time consuming. So here is how to make your blog posts easier to read and make them Revision Made Simple!

Revisions made in WordPress are also known as WordPress Post Options. To Revise Your Post: Choose the Post Option from the pull down menu of your WordPress admin panel. On this page you will see the revision’s option. This is the easiest way to make your posts, because you simply have to click in the text box and then click in the red “Revision” button. Once you click in that button you will be taken to the view.

If you want to use your post to add new comments, you will have to click on “Add New Comments”. The next step will be to click “Save revision as” you will then see a drop down box and choose the text box for the new revision. There are several options here so you will have to decide which option is best for your blog post. I would recommend saving it as plain text (as opposed to using the more common HTML format) because it is less likely to be changed by a spammed server.

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When you have saved your post you will notice that there is a little spinner box where you can enter some basic information about your post. Below the spinner box there is a red “X” and this tells you to save this post as a copy. Click on “Save As”, you will then notice that a new text box has appeared. You will need to enter whatever text box is appropriate for your blog entry.

If you find that you want to undo some of the post revisions you have just made you can click on the “undo” button at the top right corner of the post editor. A wrench symbol will appear so you can use it to turn the change back to the original state. Once you have clicked in the red X when you are revising your blog post the changes will be applied to your post immediately. A pop up message will appear so you can confirm your changes. This process allows you to quickly make any changes that you wish.

If you find that you are unhappy with any part of the changes you have made to your post, you can change the entire post without saving the original article. To do this you will click on “posts” and then “link”. You will then notice that there is a new post revision link that was added. You will click on this link and be taken back to the post you were working on before. You can then see any changes you wish to make to the post that was taken from you in the Revision History area of your WordPress blog post editor.

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Finally, if you find that you want to revise a different blog post than the one you are working on you will click on “posts revisions” and then “link to different versions”. This will take you to a page where you can see all of the different revisions that you have made to your post. You can then choose to save and make any changes that you wish to your post. That is all there is to making full use of your WordPress blog post revisions.