Laptops screen Will future generations have a laptop similar to the iPad? Apple’s recent announcement that they are working on an updated version of their iPad will be very interesting. It seems that they are trying to position their device as an industry leader in tablet devices. Will 2021 be the year of Laptop that fold their screens?

Some people believe that Apple’s latest offering will be a tablet-based digital device, much like a tablet PC. Others think that it will be more like a smartphone. What they don’t know is that smartphone technology has advanced to a point where future generations of devices will be much bigger and more powerful than Apple’s current crop. Here are some thoughts on this exciting new field.

The first generation of iPad was a success because it combined the functionality of a tablet PC with the ease of a mobile device. The second generation saw these features fall away. Apple will bring those features back but they won’t be as streamlined as they were in the previous generation. Will this fall back to the Mac Mini or will it remain a laptop? It appears that the future may hold a hybrid device that combines all three.

Microsoft announced a few months ago that they too are working on a new form of computing. This time around it will be based on virtualization. Many speculate that the Windows 10 Mobile will merge the functionality of a tablet PC, laptop, and browser into one small system. No one is quite sure what virtualization means, but it could well mean the ability to run multiple virtual operating systems within the same hardware.

Soon to follow, Apple will release their own smartphone that runs on the iOS platform. They have already indicated that it will run much like an iPhone, hence the ‘iphone app store’. Will this platform provide a syncing platform between Macs and iPhones, as well as Android phones? It is possible that it will, however the apps currently available for iOS aren’t anywhere near as extensive as those for Android. It will be many years before we see any kind of syncing technology between Macs and iOS devices.

Google has recently invested a lot of money in the acquisition of the robotics company Nuro Robot. Will this technology become available for consumers in the year 2021? It is possible that Nuro Robot will combine the use of robotic snakes with voice recognition software to allow you to order products from a vending machine. Although this seems very futuristic, it is likely that we will see this technology in use around our homes in the next two to three years.

Another future tech that is predicted for the next two to three years is the implementation of Li-Ion batteries. These will replace alkaline batteries in our current devices, and we may even see a time when all rechargeable batteries are replaced by lithium ion ones. We can only hope that these new technologies will be developed in a cost effective manner. If we wait a few more years, we may not be able to afford these new technologies.

Will the decade continue to see rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence? Will mankind be able to build computer chips that will be able to beat a grand champion chess player? Will we be able to program a computer to remember what we’ve been doing? Will we be able to download our entire history onto a flash drive and send that to another person on the internet at a time we wish to? The first step to answering these questions is to understand exactly what will be expected in the next five years, and how much progress we can expect in that time period.