With more people logging onto Instagram every single day, it’s no wonder that it’s now one of the most popular social networking sites. People are sharing photos, videos, and just about anything else online. One reason why so many people use this site is because of the videos. So it only makes sense to have videos included on your account.

But with all of the online chatter that goes on, sometimes it can be hard to decipher what’s real and what’s not. Take, for example, a video posted by a certain sports team. They might show a replay of their last game or they might show highlights from a particularly impressive win. These things are exciting to watch because they highlight the players and teams that the team has become famous around. But sometimes these clips get a little too long and online viewers lose patience.

The point is, there is no need to repeat everything that you see on your news feed. Why should you include Explainer videos in your Instagram feed? Well, there’s actually more than one reason to have these videos. First, they can give you some quick insight into the sport you’re involved with. And second, they can explain why a player did something that made the play for a good outcome or for a bad outcome.

So how does a sports video explain a play? Well, first off, you’ll need to find a good sports video website to share your video with. Just like sites like YouTube, You Tube, Vimeo, and others, there are dozens of high quality social networking video websites out there that you can upload your video to. Once you’ve found a good video site, all you have to do is upload your video to it. Most Popular video websites like Vimeo and You Tube will automatically embed the code in their videos, meaning that when you share it with someone online they’ll see it embedded in their news feeds and on their timeline.

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Next, you’ll want to add a caption or explanation to your video. Why would you want to explain sports? Because people love to watch sports, but some don’t realize that there’s so much more to sports than just players winning or losing. Why would you want to explain what a play was, or why a team/player lost a game/game against a rival? These types of explanations can really help viewers who don’t understand the sport as well as those who do, making your video more effective at educating your audience.

When you explain the sports play in your video, remember that you want to share both the excitement and confusion of the moment. Explain things in simple terms. If you use text to write your description, people won’t be able to get the meaning of the text and may click off to look at something else. Explain it as you would like it explained, and people will appreciate the effort you’re putting into it.

You should also explain things when you’re making a video about a current event. Why should you include videos about natural disasters in your next viral video? Celebrities have recently been in the news for bad decisions (ie: choosing water bottles over bottled water) and it’s starting to create a more informed public. People are also trending different things in their social media feeds and it’s great to show that there is an actual trend out there and people are reacting to it. Why not add this trend into your sports video to explain why people are talking about it? This will help to make people interested in the content you’re providing on your channel.

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Finally, when you’re making a video for any type of industry, whether it’s a car/bike/whatever type of industry it is, you need to have an engaging summary paragraph at the end. Why should you include an explanation of how the video came about? Who found out about the video? These are all great questions to ask yourself when you’re making an explanation video, and if you don’t include these questions in yours, you might be missing out on a lot of traffic coming to your sports video.