Autosuggest is an excellent feature in search engine software, but there are three main reasons that every business should incorporate it into their software. First, it helps users find content faster, is easier to scan and is blazingly fast. And finally, it has a lot of other uses. Let’s examine each one. So, why should every business incorporate autosuggest into their software?

Search suggestions are a better option than directly displaying search results on mobile

One of the reasons why search suggestions are better than directly displaying search results on mobile devices is because they enhance the user experience. Instead of highlighting a specific product or service, search suggestions allow users to choose from a broad range of options. In addition, the list of suggested products and services should be concise and easy to scan. Users can test search results by using A/B testing.

Depending on the device and its resolution, the results may not appear immediately. In this case, users might think that something is wrong. Instead, they may want to see a progress bar or HUD to see the number of results. They can also highlight certain keywords to understand what they are looking for. They can then scroll through all of the results and make a decision about which one to buy.

They help users find the right content faster

Using navigation features like autosuggest to search for content can speed up the search process and minimize typing errors. Typing can be frustrating and error-prone for some users, especially if they’re not using the same words as the website does. Fortunately, autosuggest can help people find the right content faster and easier. But how do you make the best use of it? Let’s discuss some of the ways autosuggest works and how it can improve your website’s search engine rankings.

They make suggestions easier to scan

Whether your website has a simple search bar or a complex one, autosuggest is an invaluable feature to have. It can help you narrow down your search results by suggesting similar products based on your user’s search query. Adding distinct styles to suggested products and terms makes it easier to scan them and find the relevant items. Popular alternate styles include bold, italic, and text indentation. For example, the desktop autocomplete at Restoration Hardware highlights and bolds the user’s input.

They are blazingly fast

To optimize the speed of autocomplete suggestions, a 100ms threshold is an excellent choice. This is the minimum time it takes to generate a result and differentiate user control from machine control. In addition, autocomplete suggestions should begin with the first character typed. If the suggestion takes more than a few seconds to appear, users will be surprised and may choose not to use it. To make your autocomplete queries as fast as possible, consider using a custom timer.