SAFe Course

A leading Safeguard Course will provide you with a set of structured, achievable goals to assist you with your chosen career. Whether this is a new role you are seeking or a step up to your current role a safe course will aid you to achieve your ambitions. So, why choose to lead Safeguard courses?

Firstly, a Safeguard course is accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) which sets the standard for training in the UK. This not only ensures that you have been assessed as a suitable candidate for the course but also shows conclusively that you have adhered to the guidelines set out by the SIA. If your chosen course does not adhere to the guidelines or demands set out by the SIA then you can rest assured that it will not be accepted by the SIA and you may not receive a certificate of completion. The SIA also accredits training provided by bodies and individuals outside the security industry including fire wardens, prison officers, civil servants, police officers, consultants and many more.

You will receive a comprehensive overview of the key issues relating to safety and risk management, which will be delivered via a fully interactive, bespoke training programme. This will enable you to gain a thorough understanding of the topics and assess your knowledge. Then, as a student, you will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained in a classroom environment to real-life situations. Finally, you will be assessed to see if you have gained enough hands on experience to fulfil your aims and objectives. However, if you would like to progress within the industry then you can always carry on your learning as an accredited Professional Leader.

A leading safeguard course will allow students to interact and work hand-in-hand with industry experts and other safeguard officers who work in various environments. This will involve both classroom and field training and can vary between six to eight week courses. Field training is often used for freshers while classroom training is often longer duration and given via one-on-one lessons. Both offer the opportunity to build up valuable skills and knowledge in relation to your chosen sector. As you develop these skills, you will also develop your negotiating and leadership skills.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a recognised level 2 Health and Safety Management Certificate (HMS). To apply for the course you must be over the age of eighteen. Students are expected to undertake an additional diploma at the end of their training to achieve a level 3 Health and Safety Manager (HMS). In order to be accredited by the NHS, a Health and Safety Manager must have a recognized qualifications or a degree in Health and Safety Management.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to work as a senior level manager in a leading Safeguard Training company. Your salary will depend on the amount of experience you have. The Safeguard Company will conduct periodic interviews to assess your performance as a Safeguard Trainer. Once all of your work is approved and completed, you will become a full time Safeguard Trainer.

When learning to safely work in a health and safety environment, it is important that you gain certification through one of the many leading training courses available in the UK. By gaining certification through one of the leading training providers in the UK, you will demonstrate to potential employers that you possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to successfully work as a Safeguard Trainer. You will also gain the respect and trust of those in a position of authority within a workplace, allowing you to confidently carry out your duties. If you choose to work as a Safeguard Trainer overseas, you will gain the same respect in your employment country and overseas.

Leading Safeguard Training providers offer flexible, short-term and full-time training programs. Whether you wish to start work immediately, finish a few months, or complete a full year’s training, there is a leading Safeguard training program to suit you. You will learn from an experienced and knowledgeable panel of trainers, allowing you to gain the necessary knowledge and understanding to become a Safeguard Trainer.