The recharge process for prepaid mobiles has gone through some radical changes over the last decade as internet recharge has given the power to prepaid customers to recharge anywhere anytime. The recharge process has become more and more streamlined and now you have plenty of easy recharge apps that can help you carry out the recharge in just a few steps. The safety and security features of the apps have also improved to provide a reliable service. The challenge to the prepaid customers these days is to decide that out of the many apps in the market, which one is the best for them. Here are some of the best recharge apps out in the market currently that prepaid customers can opt for.

Airtel Money Wallet and Airtel Payments Bank – The Airtel Payments Bank is a full-featured digital bank provided by Airtel instead of just being an online recharge app. You can have a savings account and even get a digital debit card. Getting any recharge or bill payment done through this, and you can even use it for card-less cash withdrawals from the ATMs. You can use the Airtel Money Wallet which is the official app linked with the Airtel Payments Bank. It has one of the smoothest interfaces and the specialty of this app is that you can even get a recharge done without the internet by using the USSD codes.


  • Airtel Thanks App – The Airtel Thanks App is one of the best apps to use for mobile recharge for Airtel customers. They can even watch entertaining shows or listen to music, giving you additional options. The App also unlocks app-exclusive deals and cashback offers for Airtel customers.
  • Google Pay – The Google Pay app is a UPI app as opposed to mobile wallets. During the transaction, the money is not stored by Google and directly transferred from your bank account to the vendor or in case of a transfer to the receiver. It is one of the fastest UPI apps out in the market.
  • Amazon Pay – Amazon Pay is one of the top mobile recharge apps in the market currently by the e-commerce giant Amazon. The money in your Amazon Pay account can be used for online shopping as well as mobile recharges, and bill payments.
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All of these apps have some great features which provide many benefits to the customers. If you have been wondering which app you need to install and use as your primary mobile recharge app, one of the best options is Airtel Thanks App. The Airtel Thanks App comes with a lot of additional benefits and rewards which can make a lot of difference for the customers. Apart from the Airtel Thanks App, you can also use the Airtel Payments Bank and Airtel Money Wallet to cover all your needs and have extra features such as online money transfer, cash withdrawal through ATM, digital debit card and many others. If you are an Airtel customer, getting the Airtel Thanks App is as simple as downloading the app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and logging in using your Airtel Mobile number and  OTP. Once you have logged in you can start using the Airtel Thanks App and get any recharge done in just a few minutes.