Which iPhones are waterproof? This is a question many iPhone users would ask before using their expensive cell phones outdoors. With the price of water-resistant phones reaching new heights, owning one that is not waterproof could prove to be a real money eater. While the iPhone 7 and 8 may be water-resistant, they are not entirely leak proof. Here is what you need to know before deciding which iPhones are water-resistant.

What types of materials are the iPhone models made from? While it can be argued that the iPhone is made entirely out of glass, the truth is most of the unit is made from a combination of plastic and polycarbonate. These materials protect the unit from external water and moisture, but they do not keep the unit completely free of damage. The exterior shell of the unit is not water-resistant, nor are all the parts of the unit indestructible. Even the cases that come in white are not completely airtight.

Which iPhones are completely water-resistant? The iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 are deemed extremely water-resistant by Apple, although the iPhone 7 is considered slightly more resistant than the latter. In terms of the camera, all three iPhone models are protected by Apple’s own Air Gesture feature, which uses physical gestures to automatically turn the camera on or off.

How are the iPhone models protected against physical water? There is no official definition for water resistance, but from an internet perspective, all the ip units sold by Apple are certified against water damage. The iPhone 7 and 8 are both water resistant to a certain extent, although the former seems to be more so than the latter. With regard to the camera, all the iPhone models that have cameras are either certified against dust, impact, or rain, while the iPhone 3GS has been deemed unbreakable in this regard. So which iPhones are water-resistant?

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What about drops? This is probably one of the biggest threat to all digital gadgets and iPhone in particular. But even the highest-quality phones can suffer from minor water damage, including minor cracks. All the iPhone models that are sealed under the warranty of Apple are backed against accidental liquid damage.

But which iPhones are waterproof in the sense that they can be submerged in pools, lakes and even deserts? Fortunately, the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE offer you very good resistance against such water dangers. But they are not 100 percent safe. If you take a dip, make sure you dry your hands immediately and let any other members of your family know that you are wet.

So which iPhones are truly waterproof? The answer to this question depends on whom you ask it to. Of course, Apple has given no indication as to which phones are waterproof and which ones aren’t. Even its own support staff cannot always answer these questions. In fact, it has only recently taken up the issue of emergency preparedness with an emergency preparedness guide for senior citizens.

So which devices are truly waterproof? The iPhone 4 and its sibling the iPhone 3GS are deemed to be virtually water-resistant. The iPhone SE has the same features as the 3GS in terms of water resistance. The iPhone 3G is deemed to be moderately resistant, but the design and build of the device make it susceptible to being punctured. And the iPhone 5 is rated as severely fragile, although it offers some form of protection from the outside. The device that you should use for emergencies is the iPhone, because it allows you to stay connected with emergency teams without the fear of damaging your phone.

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