Leverage on eToro

eToro is a brokerage firm that combines social trading and many monetary sorts into its service.

You will use eToro to swap shares, foreign exchange, services, indices, and cryptocurrencies like other investment companies. But as a social network, you can connect your business with the rest of the planet. eToro can imagine a connection between a trading website and a Facebook site. Leverage, commonly recognized as the amount of risk, is a temporary loan issued by the broker to the investor. It allows you, as an investor, to start up a great trade with a limited capital contributed. Leverage is viewed in the context of a multiplier that indicates how much more a place is worth than the investment made.


Leverage on etoro is an investment strategy to use printed funds, the use of different asset classes or debt funds to boost the profitability of the project. The question of what is leverage in etoro can be given as a strategy that uses debt (loaned resources) to facilitate investment or a project. Leverage is used in multiples of the capital invested by the investor, such as 2x, 5x, or more and the broker gives this amount of funds to the investor at a fixed rate. Leverage may be implemented to both purchase (long) and short (sell) roles. It is significant to mention that any damages and profits will be multiplied.

Instruments to Which Leverage can be Applied

Leverage may be used when trading stocks, currencies, equities, raw materials, and indices, and in certain conditions, cryptocurrencies. Each item has maximum leverage constraints that are directed by industry regulations as well as eToro’s initiatives to enhance accountable exchange and minimize the risks of highly leveraged investing. Maximum exposure will also differ by type of account. The eToro professional client account enables higher leverage, as well as a plethora of other outcomes such as lower margin premiums and no withdrawal fees. Only customers who meet certain requirements can elect to become professional clients.

Leverage Working Method

  • Choose the resource you are interested in trading on the eToro platform and press “TRADE”. A browser tab with the trade parameters will display.
  • Choose the relevant button at the top for Sale (short) or Buy (long) for your exchange.
  • Specify the number of funding you want to spend on this deal. Set the multiplier of your leverage. This ratio varies based on the individual asset. Conversely, you can exchange without the use of leverage by selecting 1x.
  • Set the parameters, stop loss and take profit. A stop loss limit is needed to minimize the potential risk to your investments.
  • To position the exchange, press “SET ORDER”. Trades shall be executed immediately upon the opening of the market.

Fees for Trading with Leverage

Overnight fees (also recognized as rollover fees) are determined utilizing unified formulas and will display in the Trade popup window before you place your order. Overnight fees are the industry norm and represent the dynamics of supply and demand that drive the economy. The price varies as per the orientation of the place (buy or sell). They are the interest rate charges for the money you borrow from your broker.

It is a common cost for all brokers and a symbol of leveraged investing. eToro lists all charges on its webpage that can be modified as they include LIBOR, the London Interbank Offered Rate, which is what banks pay each other to borrow money overnight.

Minimizing Risk Mechanism When Trading with Leverage

Although exchanging with leverage can result in higher returns from successful transactions, there is also a chance of increased losses. However, eToro has risk management software at the service to effectively decrease possible losses.

Stop Loss

Implement stop loss to terminate a transaction if the industry turns a fixed quantity against your place. You may set your stop loss at a particular market level (Rate) or as a monetary number, often seen as a proportion of your original investment, in the trading window.

Take Profit 

Establish a Take Profit order to progressively shut your position when the revenue on your trade is equal to the amount you chose.

Negative Balance Protection

while not necessary by law, in the unlikely case that economic conditions trigger the amount of your account to be negative, eToro will bear the risk and adjust your account back to zero.


Investors utilize leverage to greatly boost the productivity that can be made to an investment. They also use leverage to boost their purchasing power on the market. It improves both benefits and losses. If the investor uses leverage to invest some money and the investment shifts against the investor, their damage is much higher than it would have been if the investment had not been leveraged. For this purpose, first-time investors should always avoid leverage until they have more maturity behind their knees. So any investor should be careful before using the leverage.