Counting Machine
Counting Machine

Choosing a  banknote counting machine  is not easy considering the large number of models available on the market. However, it is a necessary task due to the importance of  identifying counterfeit bills  and maintaining a fast, efficient and, moreover, infallible counting rate.

Fortunately, in our store you can find the variety you are looking for, thus choosing a model that exactly suits your work needs. All our products offer reliability, a key feature in this type of tool.

Next, we are going to show you some keys to choosing a  bill counting machine  and the reasons why you need to incorporate one into your day to day life.

ticket volume

In the event that you work with a  high volume of  daily or weekly banknotes, your best option will be a top-loading counter. If the volume is relatively low, you can consider the option of a rear loading counter.

status of tickets

If you usually deal with wrinkled, old or washed bills and the volume is high, the best counters for this situation are those with two cassettes. These models will not stall or stall. Banknotes in poor condition will be sent to the upper rejection box, but the counter will continue counting. At the end of the operation you can check them one by one, do the 4-sided test and re-enter them in the counter.

Fake currency

To  reliably identify counterfeit bills , no matter how much volume you count, you need a counter with all detections: UV, MG.MR, IR. This should be your minimum requirement. And if your level of demand is maximum, make sure that it also has CIS (image scanner).

identify banknotes

If bundles of mixed bills come into your hands and you want to count them without previously separating them, you will need a value counter (some call it a totalizer, but it is the same). With this type of bill counter you will be able to count and detect mixed bills and you will know the total value in euros and the partial ones by denomination.

Most of these machines are upgradeable for new currencies and in case of new bills, but do not forget to ask.

Why do you need a bill counter?

In addition to banks, many businesses can benefit from a  money counter , and the reasons are many and diverse.

Time saving

Depending on the type of business, saving time  identifying counterfeit bills  can be a significant benefit. On the other hand, incorporating a bill counter will take you very little time to count the bills, without having to delegate the task to any employee, with all the risks that this entails.

error reduction

Employee fraud is typically one of the leading causes of cash loss in a small business. If you add human error to this, the impact on your treasury can be important in the long term. The accountant will never be wrong.

High quality bill counting machines offer mixed value bill detection to avoid these unpleasant situations. They scan each bill individually, determine its value and add it up to a total.


High-end counting machines are equipped with different sensors specially designed to detect counterfeit bills, such as:

  • Ultraviolet Detection – Banknotes typically use a special ink that is sensitive to ultraviolet rays. When they are exposed to light, different marks appear that allow you to identify if it is false.
  • Magnetic detection : another method to verify the veracity of a bill is through the magnetic ink that is impregnated in the bills. The machines are able to identify the absence of these marks.
  • Infrared Detection – Infrared  detection shares certain similarities with ultraviolet detection. It is based on stripes and various watermarks sensitive to this type of rays.

If you have come across a worrying amount of counterfeit bills in your business, investing in a high-end machine is a wise decision.

best bill counting machines

Bill  counting machines are not  an expense but an investment. To choose one, you must consider whether its cost is justifiable taking into account the benefits it provides. In the event that the answer is yes, it is important that you review the different models that are available in the market. It is the only way to find the one that best suits each particular need.