What it is and why you should invest in Online Marketing

Online Marketing
Today we are going to talk to you about what online marketing is and the enormous importance it has gained in recent years with the growth of social networks and the Internet.

Conventional marketing has been around for a long time. It can be said that, in general, the concept of “marketing” refers to all the techniques that are applied to sell products or services.

Traditionally, when there was no Internet, the channels used to sell were television, radio or press advertising (among others), but with the arrival of the network of networks, this new concept was born; online marketing or digital marketing.

We talk about it a lot, and it can even become repetitive, but… do we really know what online marketing is?

What is Online or Digital Marketing?

The purpose of online marketing is to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet to promote a business or a brand by selling its products or services.

To do this, we must take advantage of the growth of social networks, the promotion of the web in the main search engines (SEO and SEM), the promotion of email campaigns (e-mail marketing) through our newsletters, etc.

We have to promote the potential of the Internet to develop our own language, which is at the same time universal, and face the challenge of being creative and standing out from the rest.

It is no longer necessary to publish an advertisement in a magazine, on the radio or on television (with the cost that this generates), since the Internet allows us to reach more people, in less time, more quickly and even more economically .

The reason for this is that the Internet has changed the habits of society. Some statistics say that there is a computer for every 3 inhabitants, others that 88% of the world’s population has a mobile phone, so today it is essential to have a digital marketing strategy and manage the opportunities that are in the online world.

Contrary to what many might think, online marketing is not exhausted, on the contrary, as technology advances, new and more innovative ways of doing marketing emerge that are beneficial for the companies that make use of them.

From Conventional Marketing to Online Marketing

With the evolution of the Internet, companies have been interested in promoting their products and services in a medium that continues to gain more users around the world.

Social networks have given it the necessary push and today almost all marketing campaigns are already thought of online.

Social networks also give companies the opportunity to interact with their target audience. What was impossible before, such as knowing the consumer of this or that product, today is simply something natural.

That is why the creation of interesting content and updates are part of online marketing as a common currency, since the consumer is always looking for news in all existing sectors.

How to take advantage of Online Marketing on your website

When creating a digital marketing strategy to launch a sales campaign for a particular product or service, it should be based on four fundamental points:

  • Usability : it is the practical use of the web. Everything on the Internet must be simple and intuitive so that anyone of any age can navigate easily. Therefore, for a campaign to be successful, the usability of a website must be fluid and intuitive.
  • Web design : a web page is like a store or an office, that is where the customer ends up buying your products or services. Therefore, its design must be professional and in line with contemporary trends.
  • Promotion : the channels that will be used for said campaign must be clear, such as social media, e-advertising ( banners ), e-mail marketing, etc.
  • Search engines : you must take into account SEO and SEM, since it is what will allow you to reach your buyers through organic traffic.

When you implement your strategy, you must also take into account the importance of having an attractive and well-designed website, being able to drive traffic to said website, using web positioning techniques to improve visibility in search engines and, finally, using social networks. networks or the necessary channels to spread the campaign.

Why should you invest in Online Marketing?

Large companies and SMEs do not want, nor can they, remain on the sidelines of the Internet phenomenon. For that reason, they allocate a large part of their budgets to invest in digital marketing campaigns. Also:

  • Businesses that use the Internet as a tool have grown exponentially in the business world, so the scope of a campaign is already measured globally, and not regionally.
  • On the other hand, segmentation Through advertising on the network, we can choose what type of consumers will see our ads, increasing the possibility of purchase.
  • Another point to take into account is the possibility of analysis. With the tools that exist today, we can measure the level of profitability in a certain period, and if something is not working, make the corresponding changes.
  • Finally, the cost as a fundamental factor. Advertising on the Internet is still cheaper than any traditional means of communication.


To conclude, we can say that online marketing has brought new ways of selling and consuming products and services. A new way of relating companies and consumers.

The range of possibilities that exists today is immense. Companies or brands must be expectant to the opportunities and the facts that surround them.

More than ever, we must work hard on marketing and advertising, since the foundations for the next campaign can be found in small everyday things…