What is the work of independent consultants and experts like?

independent consultants
independent consultants

Independent consultants and experts have not only a particular way of working, but also of seeing life. This is a reflection with which I want to start this article, because much is said about the benefits of this professional performance model, but… what is this spirit that characterizes us?

Although here I will tell you in detail what a consultant is, one of the first key pieces in all this is to be aware that an independent professional implies, precisely, being independent.

When you decide to put your skills and knowledge at the service of other companies, you know that you have to make a great effort not only in training and experimenting, but also in financial resources, for example, to have high-end computer equipment and  to have discs large-capacity hard drives , as well as hiring other types of tools necessary to carry out the activity.

So, whether you are considering working with one or are thinking about how to become an independent consultant, I invite you to learn a little more about what and how we work.

Independent consultant: Definition and virtues

There are many types of independent consultants or experts but, in the end, what it is all about is understanding what characterizes their way of working, since it brings certain advantages to a project that surely other profiles could not cover in the same way.

What is an independent consultant or expert?

According to the general definition that we can find on the Internet , a consultant is an expert in a certain field who offers his services as an adviser. That is to say, he shares his knowledge in projects of different kinds as well as in different subjects.

For example, in my case the area of ​​expertise, in which I provide advice based on my own experience, is SEO or web positioning in search engines. Of course, this is my particular case, but you could be hiring or working as an independent consultant in other areas.

Advantages of the work of a consultant

As its name suggests, being independent requires a lot of responsibility and spirit to deal with certain situations that not everyone is used to. But, in the same way, it is a very advantageous way of working. In this sense, I can tell you first-hand that there is:

  • A great bonus for each achievement achieved, since independent experts are solely responsible for our successes.
  • The freedom to choose which projects to get involved in and, therefore, all the parties work in better harmony than when there is a certain ‘obligation’.
  • Economic independence with respect to one or a few clients, because in the end the objective must be to scale towards a diversified client portfolio.

The reality of being an independent consultant

Although here I have told you about the most attractive part of being an independent consultant, remember that things like being the owner of our time and responsible for your successes, also implies assuming every failure and loss that our business may suffer. In other words, your billing possibilities will be unlimited, but say goodbye to fixed monthly income.

And it is that, if there is something for which my clients choose to work with me, it is that in some way I transmit an autonomy that makes them feel confident, both to demand results and to not worry when it comes to delegating certain decisions based on my knowledge.

As you can see, the work of independent experts and consultants is not just anything but, above all, it implies a certain solitude when it comes to working. Here, I recommend looking for synergies and collaborations with other professional profiles, so that we do not all support each other as a team to offer more and better benefits.