What is mass mailing and how to take advantage of it?

mass mailing
mass mailing

Despite what many may think, mass mailing is not the same as email marketing. The first is used to make specific shipments, for example, to promote a new product or service, promote a sale or communicate relevant information. The second has a high strategic component and is usually associated with a specific content plan.

Do you want to know more about mass mailing? Next, I will detail what it consists of, its pros and cons, and I will tell you about one of the most effective free tools to implement it.

Sending mass emails: Definition, pros and cons

As you surely know, in the online world there are different ways to communicate with an audience or a group of customers or prospects. For example, messaging applications, the phone or email.

Within the latter we find the sending of mass mailings. A practical and fast way to get an important message across.

What does it mean to send a mass email?

Sending a massive email implies having your own database. That is, having contacts who have subscribed to it voluntarily. Otherwise, in addition to having problems with the RGPD and other laws, you could be spending time in an ineffective or ineffective practice.

This database can be made up of people who have subscribed to your list through a landing page or through your customer history.

That said, mass mailing is a technique we use to spread information or promotion across the board.

It is usually punctual, its only objective is to increase sales and it implies a certain degree of urgency. Contrast this with examples of email marketing you may be doing or receiving from other brands.

Can you take advantage of sending mass emails?

The truth is yes. Despite being a one-off action, mass mailing brings great benefits when the business has a good database of prospects or loyal customers.

It is very common to carry it out on promotional dates such as, for example, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday or Christmas. And if, in addition, they are accompanied by attractive discounts, their effectiveness is multiplied.

Free mass mailing program

If you have already researched the market to find software to help you send mass emails, you will have seen that most of them are paid or offer free plans with very limited functionalities.

However, there is one that is not only free, but also gives us access to all kinds of applications without restrictions. This massive email program is the one I’ve been using for years and it’s called Mailrelay.

Among its most outstanding features you can find:

  • Large shipping volume and users. Mailrelay allows us to send up to 80,000 emails per month and have databases of up to 20,000 users.
  • No advertising. Even if you have a free account, you can enjoy all the features without advertising or watermarks in your mass mailing.
  • Easy to use editors. To configure your emails you have an editor that works with the drag and drop system. In this way, you can add the elements you want to your email in a couple of clicks.
  • Professional templates. If you wish, you can start sending mass emails with a predefined template.
  • Customer Support. In addition to the above, Mailrelay is a free mass mailing program that offers support to all its users.

I recommend that you create your free account and try all the applications that I have just mentioned. It is a great bet for sending mass emails and for other related strategies that you can implement in your business.