What is Demo Account in Binomo?

Binomo is one of the successful trading platforms where you can gain an increase or decrease in currency trading rates, operating expenses and indices, goods, and necessary products.

Their purpose is to – “A revolutionary small-investment trading platform.” Binomo offers an easy and beneficial trading platform where trade can only begin with small investments. It is best mainly dedicated to low trade requirements as well as a host of various useful features for both newcomers and seasoned investors. This website is renowned for its excellent programs, accessibility, and a variety of consumers’ internet comments. There are many types of accounts offered by Binomo, including the Standard Account, the Gold Account, the VIP Account, and the Demo Account, all need specific deposit amounts and offer a series of benefits.

Binomo Demo Account

The binomo demo account is another feature updated by the broker to assist investors on their particular platform. A demo account is a representation of the real trading before it shifts to the live trading account.

The binomo demo trading account is an opportunity to try out in detail all the features accessible on the platform without paying a fortune. All instruments, research materials, and practical techniques on the live trading platform are accessible. The investor will grasp how trade is going to occur, but they will not use the capital that lets them analyze trade without being too judgmental. It is probably the finest training that could ever be offered to a novice before live trade continues – all free of charge.

Refill the Demo Account

At first, 1,000 virtual cash are allocated to your demo account. You are going to recover it on the off chance that you have been trying some process for quite some time and the total decreases to half. 

Withdrawal and Deposit

Regrettably, you cannot get your investment back from the demo account. The money in the demo account is not actual cash. It is suggested that prototype trading should be ordered, not procured or lost. To make withdrawals, you first have to turn to trade on your real account. To switch the account type, you ought to select the account type “Real” in the top corner of the platform.

You have to deposit funds if you would like to make trades. Please go to the “Cashier” segment by pressing on the “Deposit” icon in the top right corner (“Make Deposit” icon for smartphone users).

Obstruction of Time

Besides, the Trial account can be used for as long as you need to be assured on the trading platform. This exchange with the demo account invalidates the possibility of material malfunctions, but mentally, the knowledge gained in web-based investing may be less robust.

Offers in the Demo Account

There are several newcomers out there who like to try out the financial resources network. So the first experience on the demo account is essential, as financial derivative trading can be a dangerous platform if precautions are not taken. Even if the risk is restricted to the number of investments taken, an incorrect forecast can result in a significant loss. It provides a major benefit over many other financial products on the market.

  • Learn how to use the forum for the exchange.
  • Exercise of trade.
  • Testing new companies or strategies.
  • Develop yourself together

Registration Process 

It is quick to register an account with binomo. The binomo demo account is created directly after registration.

  • Go to the Binomo Website.
  • Adhere to the instructions for the record structure. Please send your email and confidential info. It is important to verify and secure your account. Establish a hidden password, also.
  • Select the terms of the customer agreement and the privacy policy.
  • Pick cash from your exchange account (U.S. Dollars or Euros or your local currency).

Instantly afterward, your demo account will be registered with the brokerage. You do not have to give any investments or installments on your trial account again. The consumer will now have full access to all features and the trading site without any problems. An amount of 1,000 virtual investments will be credited to the account directly after registration.

  • Then, you can go ahead and start your trial and evaluate the platform as long as you want.

Now you can trade joyously on your demo account in binomo. If you have learned the exchange and found out how to use all the resources, you can switch to the actual trading account.


The binomo demo account is essential for novice investors to enable them to understand how business works. It will not take them a long way to understand how the platform works so that they can make a smooth transition from Binomo’s demo account to the real economy and achieve the first transaction. It will help in eliminating the frustration that might be linked to producing an initial not few transactions. Investors would be happy with this broker and the huge assortment of valuable resources that they specifically provide to help investors grasp how the market operates.

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