Deep learning
Deep learning

Advanced artificial intelligence has been dreamed of for years, but it was only the subject of futuristic science fiction movies and rarely in laboratories. This has totally changed with technological evolution, and the demand for systems with superior artificial intelligence, reaching almost human intelligence, has increased a lot.

The most surprising thing is that it happens at the level of all sectors, the majority of business activities already benefit from the automation of data analysis.

Now, with deep learning, a machine can be taught to do these analyses, understand them and use them automatically and without being supervised. Its great usefulness in real applications has surprised us and for everyone, examples of them are voice recognition or automatic driving.

It seems that within online marketing there does not have to be much relationship with deep learning, and that it should be something that varies depending on the sector. However, this type of artificial intelligence is directly related to SEO positioning.

In this article we are going to see what that relationship is like and what you should take into account on your website .

What is deep learning?

Deep Learning  is a revolutionary technology whose meaning is deep learning. This learning refers to taking artificial intelligence further, so that it can perform functions in an automated and unattended way. You are achieving unprecedented levels of precision in this field.

Deep learning, also known as deep neural networks, simulates the way humans learn in order to obtain certain knowledge.

This is not a new concept, it was used decades ago to program computers and make decisions according to some mathematical processes. With technological progress, it is observed that there are millions of data that are not used. These could be used by machines to understand and optimize human behavior in some situations.

Google’s RankBrain

The giant Google has an algorithm called RankBrain. Its main long-term goal is to apply advanced artificial intelligence so that the most relevant search results are the ones that users really want.

They offer the Internet user what they are looking for in a quick and simple way, which has always been the objective of the search engine. This is the reason why Google tries to surprise with new algorithms, which offer exactly what the Internet user is looking for.

How does deep learning affect SEO?

The more clicks on a website, the better for SEO (this is not new). But the positioning of the sites with the new Google algorithm based on deep learning undergoes a radical change.

Deep learning changes the SEO of a website to a less mathematical way. The aim is for the search engine to understand what a content means, and to improve its SEO according to the majority preferences of Internet users. Preferences that Google already knows and has them organized in databases.

In fact, it’s currently Google’s third strongest ranking signal, and thanks to machine understanding of text, content, and links , they’re the other two strongest factors.

Humanize content

By understanding content, machines can optimize and humanize text, so that the user can find it more easily in just one search. It is easy to find something in the search engine since it will know how to interpret what is being searched for and relate it to a text whose content deals with the same topic.

improve translations

The translations of texts into other languages ​​until the arrival of the new technology were not very successful, since normally, the program translated word by word, without understanding set phrases or grammar; what is called the literal translation. Thanks to the new algorithm, the tool will be able to understand the text and its content and translate more accurately.

More specific content

The search engine already uses artificial intelligence, showing ads related to the user’s recent searches. With Rankbrain this will change, since the results will be displayed according to age, sex and main interests of the Internet user. So the search will be much more personalized to each user.

forget the keywords

Thanks to the understanding of the texts by artificial intelligence, keywords will no longer make sense, since in a search the search engine will understand what is wanted without any need for keywords. Therefore, in relation to SEO, the keywords will lose weight in favor of the content of the text.

More personalized target audience

Deep learning can identify much more defined sections of the public thanks to user profiles; Through identification, the search engine will know the preferences of Internet users according to their characteristics and will be able to group them by interests.

Thanks to this, the results will arrive in a more personalized way to the public that really interests you.

Work better with images and videos

In addition to interpreting and understanding images in the same way as texts, advanced artificial intelligence, using networks of artificial neurons; can process the images received by streaming, improving their quality.

You can also further compress the videos that arrive over the network. All this is achieved by learning to recognize images resembling the way people do.


As has been verified, deep learning has been a technological revolution. It has already been possible for artificial intelligence to go a step further and come to understand, like a human being, texts, images, etc.

Thanks to this revolution, Google has created its new algorithm. This algorithm also offers a radical change to the searches from your engine and the SEO positioning of web pages. The search engine will be able to recognize the text being searched for without the need for keywords thanks to the new comprehension capacity.

Positioning in the search ranking also improves in a more efficient way, thanks to the user profiles that are created and interpreted by the machine, which comes to understand the preferences and tastes of the majority users.

Therefore, if deep learning is so important for Google and for the understanding of information for the user, it is evident that it must also be important for those of us who work in online marketing.