logo redesign

The logo is a visual representation of a brand, with which the public identifies you and differentiates you from the rest. Therefore, it is a main element of corporate identity.

In other words, corporate identity design will help you connect with your client. But when hiring a design agency to create a logo, many of you ask yourself this question; What does a logo review include?

In other words, many agencies that offer this service send one or several logo design proposals to their clients. The dilemma comes when some of the clients are dissatisfied with the result.

So, they ask themselves the following question; If I have already been sent a design proposal and I want to make some changes, what does a logo revision or redesign entail? How much will they charge me for a logo redesign?…

Next, we will try to clear all these doubts.

What does a logo review include?

First of all, as a general rule, a design agency will focus on listening to you, knowing your tastes and other details about your business. After this advice, they will send you one or more proposals. The number of proposals will depend on each professional or the package you choose.

  • We send three proposals for logo designs so that the client can choose the one that best suits their style, and which they will receive within a maximum period of two weeks.
  • If you need any changes to the initial designs, you will have up to 3 revisions to determine and refine the final design.
  • Finally, you will receive the logo design in different formats so that it adapts to all types of media.

Therefore, the designer and the client will work together defining some criteria such as the symbol, the text, the color, the position, the shape, the size or the effects. In addition to checking, of course, that the logo meets the requirements of a good design:

  • Simple.
  • Original.
  • Useful.
  • Consistent.
  • Adapted to the audience.
  • Timeless.
  • Professional.

When to ask for a revision or redesign?

Once the client chooses the proposal that they like the most, we can say that the logo review or redesign process begins there. And we will find one of these two assumptions:

  1. The proposal fits with the client : Great! You already have the logo.
  2. The proposal does not fit with the client : You need the designer to review or redesign the logo.

If at this point the proposal does not quite fit you, then you should request a logo review or redesign. And depending on the number of revisions that are requested, the research work that it entails or how urgent those changes are requested, it will imply a plus in the final price of your logo.

How much is charged to review or redesign your logo?

As we just said, there are some elements that could influence the price of your logo redesign or revision. That is, the price could vary from the budget that you initially closed. So, how much is charged for a logo redesign?

Everything will depend on the number of revisions that are requested, the research work that it entails, the delivery time or the different uses of the logo that you need.

In the case of a logo revision, you will likely have to pay extra if you ask for:

  • Additional revisions : If you request additional revisions to those initially agreed, this could require a budget increase.
  • Specific typography : If you want to change the font of a typographic logo, for an original and very specific one, the designer must hire a typographer, which will also mean an increase in price.
  • Different uses of the logo : An additional review could include its adaptation to some support not considered, for example, corporate stationery .
  • Face-to- face meetings : Time is money, and that travel time must be valued if it was not agreed in the initial budget.

Many agencies and freelancers choose to offer these services in packs, which will range from the most basic to the most complete. For example:

  • The basic pack could include from one to three proposals, a unique design and formats in JPG, AI, PNG or PDG.
  • A complete design would include all this, plus a redesign of the logo for social networks and several versions (in different colors).
  • Another more complete pack than the previous one could also be considered, where applications for the logo would be added (both online and offline).