web design tools
web design tools

In a historical moment in which the visual field gains more and more weight, it is essential to have a brand design that adapts to the times.

Now, for businesses that are taking their first steps, it can be complex to have the necessary resources to strengthen that area. This is where the Internet becomes an indispensable ally to be able to reduce costs without neglecting quality and professionalism.

And it is that when starting with a new brand, the aspect of the image is key, especially if one takes into account the moment of strong visual competition that is currently being experienced with the arrival of the web world and new devices .

That’s why web designers are in such a big time at work and so much creativity can be found. However, for start-up projects it is very difficult to add that cost to the budget, so many design tools available on the Internet fulfill this role satisfactorily.

5 Design Tools for Companies and Businesses

Next, we will recommend some tools that can be of great help to improve the image of your business:

1. Canvas

This online tool allows you to find a template for everything you can think of, be it logos, social media posts, flyers or business cards.

It also includes the most complete text tools among its competitors and a wide range of colors to select by default.

Its free version is one of the most complete, but if you want some extremely specialized function, its cost is quite accessible; $13 a month.

2. Tailor Brands

When choosing a web tool, many choose one that specializes in a certain area. If we talk about logo, Tailor Brands is the one that makes the difference.

With a simple and predictive system, you can create the main image of your brand in a matter of minutes. In that sense, its logo creator makes a variety of options to be able to choose the one that is closest to the design that is in your mind.

In this sense, Tailor Brands also offers an entire corporate image package, which is ideal to start with in cases of having a zero or very small budget for this area. In addition to some free features, it costs from 3.99 to 12.99 per month, depending on the plan.


For those who prefer human work, there is this tool. It is an online marketplace where you can find a huge amount of independent talent.

The cost starts from 5 dollars, hence the name of the site. And there are different options: logos, graphics, banners for social networks or YouTube.

After choosing the product, you can select the freelancer you like best, which is always a luxury. We assure you that beyond your own logo, you will enjoy seeing the work of many talented designers.

4. Free Logo Design

FreeLogoDesign is a logo editor that allows you to create free logos. If you have business needs, there are also premium plans that include many options (social media logo, brand guide, business card maker).

Whether you’re very experienced with creating logos or it’s your first time, you may need a little help. Start by typing the name of your business and then choose one of the templates they offer. You can modify colors and fonts, add icons and shapes, and move, delete, or duplicate existing elements.


Last but not least, we will be able to find the font problem. What type of letter is the most suitable for our brand?

Luckily, there are sites like Typewolf that have a huge variety to find what we were looking for. In addition to displaying the latest updates, they offer hints and tips on the intricate art of font matching.

They also give recommendations of the best sites to find free download fonts and web examples that meet a very good quality in terms of fonts.


All of these design tools are ideal for any company or project that is just starting out on its entrepreneurial journey, and doesn’t have the necessary in-house resources or design knowledge.

So try them out and see which ones best suit your needs. You will see how these tools are a plus for your business, transmitting a professional and quality image.