Huawei has been working for some time to offer alternatives to the different Google services. At the time we talked to you about HiCar , a very complete Android Auto, and today it is Petal Mail’s turn .

Huawei’s Petal family is an ecosystem of apps to rival Google’s. And now that Petal Mail arrives in Spain, we wanted to test this email available in the Huawei AppGallery.

Petal Mail arrives in Spain: this is Huawei’s email service


As we told you, Petal Mail is an email service for Huawei mobile phones that already works in Spain . And, the truth is that the app does not involve any mystery, being able to send and receive emails, add documents …

Obviously, push notifications will come to you immediately, in addition to having an aspect that is very reminiscent of Gmail, making its use very simple, thanks to a minimalist interface and without too many extra settings.

It should be noted that Petal Mail offers you 5 GB of free storage , a detail to take into account. But, while it is true that this email service is not bad at all, it still cannot stand up to Gmail.

You cannot add more than one account, there is no integration with the Huawei calendar … Obviously, these are functions that Huawei will add little by little, but we believe that this service is still too green.

Of course, we also want to highlight that, although Petal Mail is missing some elements, which we hope they will add later, the truth is that the Asian company is on the right track if it wants to ignore everything that has to do with Google. The app works well, fast and has no complex add-ons. It is a functional and simple email client.

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Is Petal Mail better than Gmail? At the moment, it lacks many things to compete with Google’s powerful email service, but it is a first step in continuing to move away from the Mountain View-based company. If you have a Huawei phone and want to try this service, you just have to download Petal Mail from the AppGallery.

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Of course, that it lacks things does not mean that it is “bad”, not at all. If you want a simple and working client, this is perfect. 0 advertising, 0 additions, extreme simplicity.