In this instalment of “ways to get Instagram followers” we look at the first step in engaging with your followers and establishing a presence. This part of the game is about what you say and how you say it, and what you do in real life to engage and connect with followers. There are a few simple things you can do to get the ball rolling and have some momentum as you go viral on Instagram.

The first point is about how you say the things you say on Instagram. One of the most important aspects of engaging with followers is having good captions for your posts. If a person sees a captions that draws attention then they are more likely to read the whole thing. So, here is a quick checklist you can go through and check off the things you should not say in your instagram images. Also, here are 3 ways to quickly and rapidly grow your Instagram following.

First of all, here is the first point: do not use large fonts or graphics to say something on Instagram.

If it looks clunky and not enjoyable to read then your audience is going to pick up on that right away. This is not the place for long drawn out text. Use numbers and smaller words and have the images come in easily.

Second, if you do not have an Instagram business account then do not go setting one up for your business immediately.

Do not make it look like you are trying to rush into business, there is no need to do that because you will never get followers if you are seen as a seller first. You need to present yourself as a person who is engaging, helpful and just trying to share the beauty of the world around us with those who are interested. So, if you are not selling anything, set up some fan pages and then get followers who like the things you have posted. When you have more people following you then you can start thinking about getting a real Instagram account.

Third, go viral if you can.

The quickest way to get an Instagram account set up and to grow followers is to go viral by using the official Instagram app. The official app makes it easy for you to explore page options, post images, videos and short blurbs that will go viral across the network. So, do not be afraid to explore page options within the official Instagram app and try to get creative.

Fourth, explore how you can buy followers on Instagram.

There are a number of ways to do this. One is to go to the website and buy a package that will give you instant access. These packages will also include video and images to share with your Instagram followers which are the best ways to get Instagram followers fast.

Fifth, get linked to other popular accounts.

The easiest way to get other users to follow you is to become linked to them. The simplest way to link someone is to tag relevant users in your groups. For instance, if you are a part of the bizmod group, you can tag anyone who is part of that group in your posts. Similarly, if you are tagged in a photo, you can go and tag relevant users in your posts.

Finally, the most effective way to grow your Instagram followers without hashtags is to build a community around your posts.

On your page or on your blog, add a number of tags that are related to your niche. When you tag relevant users in your posts, they will automatically be added to your followers list. Then, as you gain new followers, add them to your community. This will help you to not only grow your Instagram followers but also to grow a community of stylish and savvy Instagramers.