digital strategy

Nowadays, marketing is everything, because it is the way we have to differentiate ourselves from those that offer cover the same needs, so we must take advantage of any space on our website to do so, including the maintenance page.

Therefore, the ideal is that you start your strategies from the first minute, even before you have your website fully operational.

It seems that until the web is up and running, you can’t do anything. But in reality, the maintenance page is a mine of leads with which you can start building user loyalty.

Why optimize the maintenance page?

The maintenance page that is displayed while a web page is being designed is fundamental in marketing in strategic terms.

Keep in mind that it is the first impact on the Internet that users will receive from your business, so if you optimize it, you will be positively remembered.

In addition, the maintenance page has several utilities. Between them:

  • Create expectations : If you are able to create an attention-grabbing maintenance page, users who have reached it will not be able to wait to see your website in full.
  • Get leads : You can design that page with a questionnaire for users to provide you with their contact information and start getting subscribers.
  • Offer contact data : You can also offer your own email data, address of the premises or social networks, for example, to start interacting with your visitors.
  • Attract users : A good maintenance page design will attract different users to your business if you know where and when to share it.

How to monetize the maintenance page?

Your website maintenance page doesn’t have to be a boring page, telling users only that your business will be up and running soon.

There are different ways to get much more out of it and make it one of your main marketing tools .

Here are some examples that can inspire you:


You can add a counter on the page to indicate the exact moment when your website will start working.

It is a countdown clock that reaches the moment in which you have scheduled the launch of your page, and will have the objective of hiding it until then, generating expectation.


With this type of maintenance pages, you will achieve two things:

  • Generate expectations : You will be informing users when they will be able to consult all the information on your website.
  • Prioritize the project : Having a deadline always helps to move forward and prevent tasks from being postponed.

Lead capture

Second, there is the option to use the maintenance page to start building your own list of subscribers.

A page with these characteristics will need to explain to the user that maintenance work is being carried out and that the page will be active soon, but it will also have a subscription box.


This type of subscription form is used to obtain the contact information of your leads, who may become future customers. But at the same time it also serves them so that you can notify them by email when the page is operational again.

Countdown with lead capture

This third option is a sum of the previous two. You can show that you are carrying out maintenance tasks, place a countdown until the page is operational again and, in addition, a subscription box to capture emails from your potential customers.


These emails will help you notify your potential customers when the website reopens and, in addition, to carry out email marketing strategies.

Information and other channels

With this fourth alternative, you will offer much more data to your users. You can tell them a little review about your brand or your company or how much progress has already been made on the page.

In addition, you can give them different options to contact you, either by phone, email or any of the different social networks.


beta option

With this fifth and last alternative you will be able to show your visitors the way to a beta version of your website. You’ll let them know that the enhanced website isn’t up yet, but that they can access a beta option by simply clicking a button under the text.


Sometimes it seems that we always focus on the same channels when talking about online marketing. The reality is that there are many options beyond the “basic package” and being able to take advantage of each space is essential to stand out and better reach your potential customers.

The maintenance or “coming soon” page is one of the great forgotten ones that has a lot of potential. Have you ever taken advantage of the usefulness of the maintenance page? What kind of information did you offer on it and how did you take advantage of it?