Power BI

In case you haven’t heard of the Power BI dashboard software, you should have a look at it. It is actually a type of accounting software designed for business use. It helps to maintain and track information and figures. The good thing with this program is that it can be accessed through your web browser, which makes it very convenient.

Power BI was actually created in Germany but was imported by Microsoft. You must have a good knowledge about Excel and HTML in order to set up the program. You will find that it is very similar to Microsoft Access database. All the necessary fields are placed into the database, so there is no need for installation of any third party application. With just one click of the mouse, you will be able to access the stored data.

The Power BI tool comes with six standard views, as well as an extensive range of add on views for database, charts, pie charts and more. You can create a report from data collected using any chart or image. The built-in editors allow you to customize the format of the reports, as well as to change their title, color and font. If you want to merge data baselines between different charts, you can do so quite easily.

To use the Lookup button, first select the column you want to look up, and then click the “Lookup” link. The Lookup option can be found in the Data tab on the ribbon. You can use it anytime you want to run a query. This is just one of the many advanced features available in the software. In case you need to convert dates or prepare reports, there are many modules available to help you out.

There is a Save button, which is used to save the selected report or the whole page. You can also use it to set a default value or a destination URL. If you click the “Create” button, you will be presented with several options. Depending on your requirements, you can create the report or image or both. The next step is to publish the created page or report.

When using Power BI, you have a choice between using the Lookup button or the Lookup drop-down menu. If you want to search a column, just click on the column and use the Lookup drop-down menu to access the lookup option. If you need to find the values in a table, click on the table and use the Lookup drop-down menu to access the lookup option. There are more complex queries you can put in Power BI. If you are not familiar with complex queries, you can read the documentation to get familiarized with it.

Like any other BIS tool, Power BI offers a wide variety of functions that you can use to analyze the information. You can either run an analysis by using the drop-down menu, or directly enter the values into the text boxes. The analysis reports will be generated according to the data specified in the properties of the cells. You can also run complex queries. However, if you are unfamiliar with power BI, you can read the documentation for help.

The interface of the tool is very user-friendly. Power BI is a very easy tool to use. If you have limited memory and computer skills, you can start with basic data manipulation and learn more advanced tasks as your skills improve. If you are not sure about the features of the tool and about how to make the most out of it, you can take the Power BI brief training offered by the Power BI team.