Facebook has announced some changes that will make using the platform much more private. Messages and Photos will be automatically deleted after a year or month, and conversations will be encrypted. Events will also be easier to find near you. If you are concerned that your conversations might be visible to the public, you can opt to make your messages private by using a password.

Messages will be deleted after a month or a year by default

Facebook is planning to make its user data more private and will soon add a feature called “clear history”. This will allow users to delete or modify any data that they no longer wish to keep. The move is in line with privacy concerns raised by users who are worried about Facebook’s reliance on a vast cache of personal data. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has discussed the importance of “reduced permanence” for the company’s future, but he has not specifically mentioned the clear history feature.

In addition, users will be able to limit how long their messages are archived. The default time is a month, but users can choose to change this. Users can turn off auto-delete for a particular thread, or set individual messages to expire after a certain period. The company will also limit the time it keeps the metadata for messages.

Photos will be deleted after a month or a year by default

Facebook is moving away from its old, buggy photo storage system and implementing a new, more secure one. As part of the transition, photos will be automatically deleted a month or a year after they’re no longer used. While they’ll no longer be accessible to the outside world, you can still request that they be removed.

If you want to keep your photos, you can edit them yourself on Facebook. You can edit photos you’ve uploaded directly or through third-party programs. You can also edit your posts on Facebook’s timeline. To change the text on a post, tap the downward-pointing arrow icon and select “Edit Post.” To remove a photo from a post, click the small “x” icon on the top right corner. You can also edit a post before posting it.

Events will be easier to find near you

Facebook has introduced a new feature that makes it easier to follow events hosted near you. Facebook Events lets you subscribe to events hosted by pages you like and get notifications when they are scheduled nearby. The new feature is currently only available in major cities, but it is expected to be available on Android devices in the future.

Eventbrite also offers recommendations and maps for events near you. You can even create a personal profile to add events to your calendar.

Messages will be encrypted

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the company will be turning its social network into a “privacy-focused” one. This will include new features for Facebook’s Messenger app, where users will be able to communicate with friends from other apps. The app will emphasize end-to-end encryption and ephemerality. In other words, the content you post on Facebook will no longer be able to be stored indefinitely.

Facebook will also begin automatically deleting your messages after a month, a year, or whichever period you specify. You can also modify the auto-delete timer, turn off auto-delete for threads, or set individual messages to expire after seconds. Facebook will also limit how long it stores messaging metadata. Zuckerberg said that these changes are necessary for user privacy.