Word file format has been around for years and is also widely used by everyone to create their document into digital. But the Word file format is not compatible with many devices, unlike the PDF file format wherein you can open it using any variety of devices you have, even your mobile phones, without downloading any application.

That is why there are tools available online to help you convert your Word file format into PDF file format without going into a hassle. The devices are available in the platform of GogoPDF. You can search them in your web browser using your mobile phones or laptop.

What you need to know about the MS Word file format

The MS Word document is a Word processor that you use to input your information so you can edit, but MS Word can change its format when passed through different devices. That is why there is a tool called Word to PDF converter online.

Users can use words to create many school works, business proposals, and even personal information. With the help of MS Word, you can edit your documents or design them in a way you want them to be. There are also available templates for the user to create their forms easily.

Even if you are still a beginner in this type of processor, MS Word is very easy to learn. It won’t require you to have expert skills to use their program. You can quickly discover this program’s basics in just a few minutes. But you have learned about this program already. There are more advanced features available to make your document more creative.

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With Microsoft Word, you can also manipulate and format the text in the way you want it. You can create the necessary formats or choose to use graphic design software to help you out with editing the text in the creative way you want it to be.

Why choose PDF format instead of the MS Word

There are many benefits that PDF format can offer every user who wishes to use them. PDF format is also the number one leading format used widely by everyone worldwide. Because of the benefits it gives to the users who use them daily.

The top benefit you can get from a PDF format is that they are more secure than other types of design available. They ensure that every user who uses this format will not have a hard time from hackers who wish to get some information about them or their job.

The PDF file format will also not change. When you send it many times to any device or whenever you share it to another email or any social media platform, it’s the format. They will retain the original file format no matter what, unlike the MS Word, there will be times it will change its structure along the process of sending it.

PDFs are also a great companion as a file format, for you can open this kind of file on any device you have because it won’t require a specific application for you to open their files. The MS Word requires you to use a particular application to open the files of your mobile phone.

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How will you convert your Word into PDF?

Converting your MS Word documents into PDF documents is comfortable with GogoPDF tools. The GogoPDF is available for free in the web-browser. Whatever web-browser you are using, you can still convert specific files into PDF even if you use your mobile phones.

In your web browser, search for GogoPDF, and in the website, find the tool in the upper left part, then click for the device you wish to use. When you have reached the tool you want to use, you have to upload the MS Word you want to convert into PDF. After this, wait for a few seconds to finish converting.

When the conversion finishes, there are plenty of ways you can share your newly converted PDF file. Either share it with your co-workers or friends through their email accounts or their social media accounts, or you can save it for yourself by downloading it into your device or saving it through your cloud and google drive.


PDF files are more convenient for users, especially if you keep sharing your documents with other people or keeping on changing devices to access the form you made. If you wish to convert your MS Word, GogoPDF is always available to help you solve your problems.