Logo Design Trends
Logo Design Trends

Logos are graphic signs that represent and identify a commercial product or a company; so its design has a primary role.

At the time of making them, designers follow some specific strategies depending on the case, although they also follow some design trends and fashions that prevail at the present time.

Evolution in 2021 in logo design trends

This 2021 also has its trends in the world of design. Next, we will tell you which are the most important to take stock of the most innovative this year:

1. Logos with grids

Just as grids were a trend in the 80s for logos, they were again in 2021 . These are simple and effective designs, since the grids express a rational and logical character. For this reason, technology companies often choose this type of design for their brands.

In addition to its simplicity, the grids allow the logos to be displayed from different types of supports.

2. Bright colored logos

This is a very new trend that is related to the appearance of screens and the digital world. In previous years, the logos had more opaque and muted colors, since putting them on paper was not cheap, nor did they obtain good impressions.

However, since the advent of the digital age, logos are mostly displayed on the web and on computer screens, smartphones and other media. So designers began to take advantage of this opportunity and create logos in super bright colors that would attract more attention.

3. Responsive logos

The advancement of technology allowed the appearance of various supports such as smartphones, tablets, smart TV and computers. Different sized screens put the design world to work so that logos could fit and be viewed seamlessly from all of them.

As each screen allows a particular viewing experience, the logos also had to be adapted to each one. For this reason, responsive logo or adaptive logo designs are a new trend that is probably here to stay.

An example of this are the large international companies such as Nike or Coca Cola, which already have different logos and are made according to the place where they are displayed.

4. Simplicity 

The new trend of reducing designs to a minimum is an option that is also increasingly present in logos. What you are trying to do is expose a simple and totally effective idea, and that it expresses the essentials of each brand or product.

There are many companies and even football clubs that have joined this idea, so that just by seeing the first letter of their name or brand, they can be identified immediately.

Such is the case of the Juventus sports club , who replaced their previous shield made up of lines, with the letter J. In this way, this minimalist aesthetic seeks a more concrete and clean idea, stripping away superficial elements that can distract users.

As you can see, responsive logos have been a top trend this 2019. Now it’s time to wait and see if this trend in logo design will continue to boom in 2020; like the rest of the trends that we have talked about today in this post.