Brand Awareness

Top nine strategies to increase your brand awareness. Just as you have new products and services, your competition does too. Your goal is to be first, or at least on the lists of the top nine strategies to increase your brand awareness. As you introduce your company, its products and services, use these as tools to build recognition.

Brand recognition in our society today takes on many forms. Companies must use a unique name for each product or service they offer, or they can fail to be noticed. There are guidelines for what makes a good name. The name of a company or product should be simple and easy to remember, but not so easy that it sounds too “salesy.” Too many times, small touches go a long way in becoming memorable.

A great name can be created by someone with previous experience in naming products. Perhaps a marketing agency already has a name for the product. Take that license if you need it, or come up with something totally unique. If your desire is simply to be more creative and work from home, consider using the “awesome” as a title. It shows boldness in the eyes of potential customers and inspires the creativity necessary to further the vision of the business.

Another way to create a memorable name for your product or service is to include some sort of description about it. “The most amazing hammock ever” may not be the most descriptive, but it brings a smile to the face of the buyer. Be sure you include everything in the description. Avoid “The best ever, best seller, first time seller.” Those are not strong brand names.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools we have today. Millions of people are on Facebook and Twitter, and many more on other forms of social media. It is vital that your name, logo and marketing efforts are represented in every post and re-tweeted within minutes of being published. Do not forget the YouTube videos as well. It is a great way to increase visibility without spending a lot of money, but the best results come from being seen.

One strategy that is often overlooked is the value of branding. Branding is much more than creating a product or service and calling it your own. Branded messaging and imagery has been proven to increase sales and increase customer satisfaction. Branding is also related to trust. If consumers can trust the product, they will be more likely to purchase it.

Branding includes the design of a logo, business name and website. It is important to understand the importance of all three components and how they relate to each other. There are a variety of elements to brand development including web content and social media. Many people believe that the only way to successfully market a product or service is through a traditional marketing approach. However, there are countless ways to market online including social media and social networking.

The first and second items on the list of top nine strategies to increase your brand are relatively obvious. Branding online and offline requires different approaches. When designing your logo you should think about what your company’s goal is. Is it to become an overnight sensation? Do you want to become a household name that is recognizable and remembered? Your brand should be reflective of all that you stand for, and your goal should be to create that brand for your company.

Once you have created your logo and begun the process of designing your company’s website you can start thinking about social media. Social media allows you to reach out to a targeted audience and interact with them online. This interactive process is very important to developing your brand, as well as maintaining a high level of customer interest.

The third item on our list of top nine strategies to increase your brand is to engage your audience. Social media allows you to interact with your audience in an informative way, while also making connections and building relationships. Your audience will appreciate and trust a business that not only looks professional, but also is willing to engage and listen to them. It is important to use sound and image from real life sources to make the tone of your social media campaign authentic. For instance, you may post a picture of a person drinking from a glass instead of from a mug.

When you are developing these nine strategies to increase your brand, consider who your target audience is, what they like and don’t like, and how they can be reached. A great strategy may be to create a blog, where you post insightful information on your industry and how it relates to your customers. The content should always be relevant and up-to-date so that your readers will come back often. If you find your business makes use of this strategy, your business will experience an influx of new visitors and subscribers!