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The future is here – the time is going to be upon us when futurists will sit around and predict some of the most exciting and influential technology trends of the next five years. So what are the technology trends that will shape the future of our planet? What’s going to be the next big thing? In an age of high-tech gadgets, high-speed internet, and other cutting-edge technologies, it seems that everyone is looking for a way to influence the future. Futurists are speculating about things like whether or not humans will be able to upload their minds to computers or if they will be able to jump cars.

While futurists are saying all sorts of crazy stuff right now, the reality is that it might be closer to impossible than some people think. A lot of what is possible right now is still in the realm of science fiction, however. For instance, if someone were to succeed at mind uploading, which many believe to be possible sometime in the future, then there would be no longer needed for people to go to work. Instead, they could sit at home in their pajamas and do whatever they wanted.

On the other hand, it might also be possible for people to upload their thoughts and ideas into a digital form. This would allow them to get their ideas across to others without having to go through the red tape that comes with trying to get a business, for example, off the ground. Then again, it might only be a matter of time before this happens. One of the more interesting tech trends that experts are predicting for the coming five years is the rise of augmented reality. Basically, this refers to using digital information and images to interact with the real world.

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People who are involved in augmented reality are already using devices such as iPads and iPhones to access the internet on the go. They can then use this information to search the web, check out reviews, and do just about anything else you can think of online. The internet is only going to become more valuable as more people continue to access it on the go. As more businesses adopt this type of technology for their employees, the internet will become even more of a powerful tool. In fact, it is already being used in some stores to replace store displays, and more businesses are trying to find ways to implement it into their business model.

Social networking is another one of those trends that will see a huge amount of growth. Because of smartphones and devices like Facebook and Twitter, more people are connecting with one another on a daily basis. As more people share their lives online, companies will have to find new ways to provide information and interact with their customers on a daily basis. In the next few years, it is very likely that social media will play a large role in the way that people get information and connect with one another.

Another one of the Technology trends we can expect in the coming years is advancements in information and storage technology. This is especially true when it comes to storing information electronically. Companies are already making huge investments in building servers and huge databases to store all of the information about their clients, employees, and their products. In the not so distant past, consumers would have to drive all over town to get all of the information they needed, but now, it is all within reach of just a few keystrokes on your computer. This will most likely impact the way that consumers look for and buy products as well.

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One trend that is already impacting how people communicate is the use of video conferencing. This is something that have already started to filter into many business functions, but it is only going to grow in popularity. One reason why video conferencing is becoming so popular is because of the increase in the use of smartphones and tablets. These devices are capable of bringing people together no matter where they are located, which allows them to hold virtual conferences instead of having to travel to one in person.

The last one on this list is likely one of the most exciting ones that we are going to see for a few years. This is the concept of augmented reality. Augmented reality refers to using digital information to enhance the real world, which means that things like virtual maps, real-time images, and even video are used to make things more visually appealing. If one thinks about the possibilities, then it is easy to understand why this is one of the most exciting trends to follow. What’s more is that this type of technology may even bring about completely new business models that we haven’t seen before.