Top 25 Websites to Download Windows Software for Free

Here we are going to provide you with some safe software download sites where you won’t have to bother with a custom installer or crapware. Check the list of the 20 most important websites to download software for Windows for free 2019 on your PC in the easiest and safest way without installing or Crapwares and with infected files etc.

For the Windows operating system there are millions of programs that are being developed and there are even multiple sites to download that software. But the problem that arises is that they bundle the actual software with their own custom installers like crapware, adware, etc. However, there are few websites that do not include crapware with the actual software. Here are some safe software download sites where you don’t have to worry about custom installation programs. And in this article, we will talk about those websites. So take a look at the complete guide explained below to continue.

Top 25 Websites to Download Free Windows Software 2019

Listed below are the best websites that will allow you to easily install any software for your Windows PC.

# 1 Ninite

Ninite is one of the best software download sites that offers you the ability to download some of the best and most popular programs like Chrome, VLC, Spotify, etc. You can install them with a single click or two and you don’t have to worry about the included crapware. You don’t have to install each software individually, Ninite by default downloads the latest version of the software and installs it.

# 2 Softpedia

Softpedia is also one of the most popular free software download sites where you can find any free or paid software that can work on multiple platforms. The best thing about Softpedia is that it provides the latest version of the software that you suggest. It also gives you software reviews and actual screenshots of all the software used. Give it a try as this is one of the best website.

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# 3 SnapFiles

However, SnapFiles is another free download site that doesn’t care about any crappy programs. It provides you the different categories where you can easily find the 100 best free programs, the best user favorites, the best portable applications, program reviews, etc. You can easily use the different software categories to find your favorite.

# 4 DownloadCrew

Download Crew is also one of the websites that offers tons of software with its little fonts and homepage stuff. When downloading, you don’t have to worry about custom installer garbage and you can even find software for multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.

# 5 MajorGeeks

MajorGreeks is considered to be one of the reputable free software download sites, even if it has an outdated web design. It does not include the actual software in any custom installer and crappy program download. The maintenance of the site is handled by a couple of geeks who actually test the software that comes up on them before listing them on their website.

# 6 FilePuma

Update Detector is a free application from that helps keep your computer’s software up to date. And this application makes this site the best choice to update software for free. So you must give this site a try.

# 7 DonationCoder

The best freeware, donation software, software reviews, discussions and shareware discounts. So you should try this site to get free software on your Windows PC and also the software you get will be genuine.

# 8 FileHippo

This is one of the best sites that I have personally used. This site has a collection of all the best and popular programs that you usually need in your daily use. So you must give this site a try.

# 9 BrotherSoft

The largest directory of freeware and shareware download software at Open the site and you will see the interactive interface and there you will search for any software you want to download.

# 10 ComputersHopper features reviews on the latest software downloads. So you must visit and download the free software on this site.

# 11 Download from Cnet is one of the oldest websites available on the Internet. The site was established about 14 years ago. You can find a large number of software for all platforms like Mac, Linux and Windows. You can even find mobile apps on Cnet Downloads.

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# 12 ZDNet

ZDNet is more complete in the field of technology. This website also provides the latest news and has a huge library of free software. You can find software for Windows, Mac, and mobile operating systems. This is one of the trustworthy and trustworthy sites where you can download the software.

# 13 Tucows

At Tucows you can find freeware and shareware. Software packages are available for download. You can find software for Windows, Linux, and Mac at Tucows. This website also covers web-based applications.

# 14 FileCluster

This website was founded in 2006 and so far offers the latest and up-to-date software. You can find both shareware and freeware software on FileCluster. The website has a clean and user-friendly design.

# 15 Gear Unload

This site has a good collection of free software. The site was new, but it was frequently updated with the latest applications. The website also checks for viruses and malware before providing you with the download button.

# 16 Sourceforge

This is one of the best software download portals recommended by the expert, SourceForge is there to help you with a greater number of tools. On this website, you will find everything well organized in the simple interface that most software files offer. You can find detailed information about the software that helps you understand things easily.

# 17 Software Informer

This is another of the best web pages that has a good number of programs to satisfy your download needs. Although it is not as great as the other download portals but, it does offer some high quality programs that offer value and the software downloaded from Software Information receives regular updates.

# 18 Freeware files

As the name suggests, these websites only offer free software. The free software archives actually house a lot of open source programs and right now it has over 16,000 free programs in its catalog. The website is well maintained and well organized, which helps users to find the software easily. This is one of the safest and most reliable websites where you can download Windows software.

# 19

Soft32 is one of the well-known download portals where you can get many free Windows tools. The Soft32 database is updated at regular intervals and you can get both freeware and shareware software for Windows, Mac and Linux along with mobile websites. Right now the repository has around 88000 programs and it also has a Windows Forum for help regarding various bugs and fixes.

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# 20

Softonic is one of the oldest download portals where you can get freeware, shareware and trial version. The best thing about Softonic is that the site is updated frequently and adds software at regular intervals. At this moment the portal has in its catalog around 106,000 free programs, shareware and a trial version of the programs.

# 21 House of Gratuity

As the name of the site says, Freeware Home is one of the best download sites to visit if you are looking for free software for Windows. In Freeware Home, you won’t find a single shareware or premium software. The site has an old school design that looks clean and the site is really fast. Windows software is organized according to its nature.

# 22 Free Download Center

Well, Freedownloadcenter is one of the oldest sites that you can visit to get free software for Windows. The site is known for its interface that is clean and fast. Not only that, but Freedownloadcenter currently houses over 40,000 software titles that you can download for free. The site also has a list of premium software, but most of the files are free. Therefore, Freedownloadcenter is another one of the best sites you can visit to download Windows software.

# 23 Filehorse

Filehorse looks a lot like the Filehippo website that was included in the article. The site has both premium and free software that you can download. There is a special free files section from where you can download Windows software for free. Not only that, but the site also displays “Most Popular Downloads” on the home page, making the software search process much easier.

# 24 Download3k

Download3k is another of the best websites from where you can download software for free. The best thing about Download3k is that it has also shared the latest tech news, how-to tutorials, questions and answers. Not only that, but Download3k also shares software reviews. Therefore, Download3k is another one of the best sites that you can visit to download software.

# 25 LO4D