SEO Plugins
SEO Plugins

Everyone knows the tremendous importance of WordPress for SEO positioning, right? Perhaps that is the reason that prompted me to write this post. On a daily basis, both on my blog and on many others that we regularly visit, WordPress plugins play an essential role so that the articles that are published, and the website itself, are positioned in Google in an amazing way.

For this reason, I have decided to investigate, analyze and compile a list of the 12 most relevant, important and necessary WordPress plugins for SEO that a site needs to optimize its positioning. Some plugins that are very simple to install, since something very positive that WordPress has is that you do not need great knowledge in web programming  to carry out the tasks.

Spectacular WordPress Plugins for SEO

I am going to leave (like this, to begin with) 3 of the best plugins to position in a generic way. Later I will include others that offer more specific and equally important functions. Each of these 3 is totally different from the other, but it is very important to only install one of them, because they are incompatible with each other (although you must have one on your website)

  • Yoast WordPress SEO : It is one of the most characteristic and well-known, since it is one of the most complete and efficient. When you install it in your post editing panel, it will undergo a slight transformation, but don’t panic, it’s for the better. This is when you can add a meta-description for each post or page, achieving greater SEO optimization. It will also allow you to configure the permanent links and review the internal ones, as well as being able to indicate a keyword (the plugin will review if you are using it in bold or images).
  • SEO Ultimate : It is having a very good reception by WordPress users. And it is that, apart from performing the same functions as the previous one, it detects 404 errors and configures redirections. It also has the feature of tags in rich format ( Rich Snippets ).
  • All in One SEO Pack : It is the third WordPress plugin that you can choose to improve SEO in general. The features it offers are almost exactly the same as the other two, largely rivaling Yoast’s. One of their subtle differences is that they do not have as many functions in the post and page editor (nothing important, really).

SEO plugins to optimize your website

It’s time to make sure your website is properly optimized so that Google locates it the first time. The issue is to ensure that the posts remain well indexed, as well as avoiding duplicate content .

  • All in one Schema Rich Snippets : Great for displaying Google’s rich formats. With it, you can get more stars on Google, addresses, logos and other possibilities. It could also be, for example, the faces that are seen on Google and that help to give the site more notoriety, thus increasing the click-through rate.
  • SEO Facebook comment : It is a very good plugin to import the comments that appear on Facebook. You will have two comment boxes in which the real comments and the Facebook comments will be displayed. It is an excellent way to have more comments on a website, so take a look, try it and tell me.
  • Google XML Sitemaps : It will help you create a new sitemap of the web when you publish content. Remember that a sitemap is like a scheme that shows the order of the pages of the site, which helps Google to review and index them more easily.
  • Authorsure : It is the perfect WordPress SEO plugin for you or your collaborators to appear in Google search results, since the search engine itself takes more and more into account who writes each publication in relation to previous publications. This will come in handy for ranking content, and you can analyze your author ranking on .
  • Tynt insight WordPress : It is designed for copycats (I hope that is not your case) This plugin basically what it does is force the person who copies something from your website to include a direct link to the original content. In this way you will ensure that many do not copy you, your content is original and not duplicated, I love it!

WordPress plugins for links

  • Seo Smart Links : It’s genius. Thanks to it, the internal links of a website are included automatically, being able to select the keyword that you want to link. Thus, you will significantly improve the bounce rate and distribute the positioning of old pages to new ones.
  • 404 Redirect : It comes in handy to collect all those 404 errors that appear on the server (you know… the views that arrive at a non-existent page). With this plugin, you redirect the user to another page when they encounter this error, thus preventing them from losing the visit.
  • Simple URLs : Allows you to create custom links on your website to other pages, as well as tracking them. A section appears in the menu where you can save the statistics of the link in question. An alternative option to, for example.
  • Broken Link Checker . This is the WordPress plugin that you surely need. And it is that it detects all those broken links that do not work (notifying you to be able to repair them), something that I consider essential so that Google does not penalize a website and, therefore, does not affect its positioning. This plugin also warns if an image is not available or does not load.