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As you all know there are more than a thousand applications for iOS and Android and each one of them is a hot pick among the developers. The reason for that is that iOS and Android provide a very good platform for mobile apps. But then, only a handful of apps can fulfill the purpose and help you in running your online business. That is why it becomes essential that you have an app for each category of app. Let’s discuss some of the Top 10 Mobile Apps for WordPress.

If you are into social media marketing and want to connect with your clients better, create a social media management app for your iPhone and iPad devices. This app will help you manage all your accounts from the iOS and Android devices with just a few taps. It will also let you share photos, videos and notes from your phone, tablet or computer. It is an ideal companion for your other apps like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can easily set up and integrate this to your website to help you reach the maximum number of audiences. There are various useful features and tools provided with this mobile app like timeline cover, lock and unlock feature, login with Facebook, private messaging and lots more.

Are you the kind of person who likes to browse books and magazines from their mobile phones? Then, why don’t you get an app that allows you to search book and magazine details from your iPhone or iPad? Get the news feed from your favorite news aggregator while having a look at the latest headlines from selected magazines. All these functions will be possible if you have an iReader app for your mobile device.

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If you are the social media addict, have you ever wondered how others are communicating with each other through social media platforms? Then, get an app which allows you to send and receive emails in one convenient interface. You can manage multiple email accounts with this mobile app such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.

Do you have one favourite social media group? Then, get one such app to manage it. Keep in touch with your friends and family through this interactive app. Have an instant photo album on your device where you can store all your snaps and share them with your friends. This is one app that you won’t want to miss.

The world we live in today is a world of instant information. You can access any information at any time, anyplace. If you are one of those people who love to read, then get an app that helps you download eBooks from the internet. This would save you a lot of your precious time and money. Some of the best reading apps include: Evernote, Wikipedia, and Kindle.

Do you have a camera phone? If yes, then get this amazing mobile app that helps you edit and share pictures. Some of the best photo editing features include: cropping, renaming, and deleting of images. The third party app share your link with others via Twitter, Facebook, and email etc. This is one useful app, you won’t want to miss.

The fourth category includes apps which help in creating calendars.With this app, you can keep in touch with your clients and employees on all different days of the week. Other features include: sending emails, reminders, and setting alarms. These are just few of the top apps which you can find out here.


The fifth and final category includes apps which are useful for organizing your time.Some of the examples include: apps which allow you to see what time you have left and what task is pending. Another one you may consider is the organizer app, which lets you view your schedule, tasks, and appointments. Get the latest app updates as well.

The above mentioned are some of the most popular and useful mobile devices these days. As per the latest research, users spend more than 60% of their time on their mobiles. Hence, get the latest app versions to enjoy your time to the fullest.

To conclude, the top 10 mobile apps are not much different from one another. There is no fixed code involved in the development of the app. Most importantly, make it a point that the app you choose is not only beneficial to your business, but also to your mobile devices. Have fun and stay connected!