Technological advances and the pandemic have allowed e-commerce to become the trend of today.

It is probably also the trend of the future due to its incredible results, as well as the large number of users who regularly go to this option to buy; from basic necessities to luxury purchases.

Having an e-commerce site generates many benefits. However, to take advantage of each of these, it is necessary to develop and design a site with a high level of visual appeal capable of conquering anyone.

For all this, below we share 6 ways to make e-commerce sites visually attractive and, above all, a success in the market.

6 design tips for the success of your eCommerce

E-commerce sites are very difficult to design as there are some moving parts that end up creating a final look that is not pleasing to the viewer.

However, designing a website or platform with an attractive design is key when looking for success, and for this reason, below, we present the 6 most effective ways to achieve it.

It is a series of tips for ecommerce store design that, once applied, will allow you to put your portal online in a free hosting test for your website , so that you will have a real vision of its operation.

1) Highlight the brand

On your business website, branding is everything. From the moment visitors enter the page, it is essential that they understand and understand what e-commerce is all about . In this sense, it is of great importance that the logo, colors and style are consistent on each page that is clicked on.

2) Use colors in mind

When designing, it is very important to know the meaning of each of the colors. In this way, it will be possible to choose prudently those who will be in charge of presenting the brand, since they attend to the state of mind of the company and the public.

Using colors in mind is probably one of the most outstanding visual attractions, and with which it is possible to provoke specific emotions and feelings towards the brand and the product.

3) Keep it simple

A simple ecommerce website should allow visitors the opportunity to enjoy a platform that is clean, easy to use and encourages users to buy. So, when designing an online store site, to make it considerably attractive, it is recommended to add as little as possible so that it is not distracting and slows down.

On the other hand, a simple design allows users to have fewer options when choosing to make much more effective and secure purchase operations.

4) Simple menu

Every user of electronic commerce and web page in general makes queries in the menu. That’s why it’s important to make sure you design a simple menu with multiple product categories on offer.

Likewise, it is key to highlight 3 or 4 primary categories that are then broken down so that the user has the possibility of generating a landing page with primary categories.

5) Add product and lifestyle photos

There is no greater attraction in websites designed for e-commerce than photos of products and lifestyles to offer clarity and security. In this way, any e-commerce must invest in professional photographs and product descriptions so that the site is totally attractive.

What is recommended when applying professional photos is that they are taken from all angles so that users feel convinced when making the purchase.

6) Add easy to scan pages

For an e-commerce website to be remarkably attractive, it must be possible to scan with simple texts that do not confuse users. For this, graphics are the best option. In this sense, the “About” sections and home page texts should contain compelling descriptions and bulleted elements that generate greater success.